Avatars and Site Images

Image Handling

Our forum platform self-hosts avatars, secondary images, and character gallery images. This means that you upload these images directly to the site from your computer. All other images, such as images within a post, must be hosted at an off-site image host. You may use one that you have an account with or you can host your additional images at Aereth’s own image host.

Aereth’s Image Host

We have a simple to use image host for use with the Chronicles of Aereth. You will need your own account to add images. Once your account is set up, you can create albums and upload images.

Image Glossary


The avatar is the small square image that appears at the top of posts next to the post title for OOC and IC posts. Vesta allows for rotating avatars so you can upload more than one and they will randomly change on each visit to the site or when you refresh a page.

Secondary Images

This is a bit misleading since the secondary images are really the primary image that appears in a post’s mini-profile and as the image in OOC and character profiles. Vesta allows for rotating images so you can upload more than one and they will randomly change on each visit to the site or when you refresh a page.


The gallery only appears in character profiles. You may upload additional images of your character, their home, pets, etc.

Image Sizes

Avatars and Secondary Images: Unless the character is a Traveler from Earth, please do not use images that include modern technology (no cars, computers, cell phones, guns, etc.).

Images Note: While we prefer “real” faces, we do not mind well-done artwork. Playby claims only applies to real people’s faces and not dragon art. Remember to use the Description field to give a well-defined description of your Ddraig character because more than one person may be using the same free-art for their Ddraig.


  • 250 x 250 square (1:1 ratio)
  • (Required: minimum of 1 image) This is your character’s “face”. You may use artwork instead of a playby. However, we do ask that the artwork is not cartoonish (i.e. Bugs Bunny).

Secondary Image

  • 275 x 500 rectangle
  • (Required: minimum of 1 image) This image appears to the left of your character’s post and as their main image in their profile.


  • < 1080 px wide
  • (Optional) You may add gallery images for your character. This is a good place to display weapons, horses, homes, or other images of your character. If they are a Morrighan, you can upload their wingbonded Ddraig images.