Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct comes with a zero tolerance policy.

  • Treat all members kindly and with respect.
  • Harassing or bullying other members will get you immediately banned.
  • Handle all disagreements in a calm and mature manner in private! Do not bring disputes into the public Discord channels or onto the RPG forums.
  • Playbys, even original artwork, under the age of 18 are permitted but prohibited from participating in any threads of a sexual nature.
  • No Bad Roleplay. If you don’t know what it is, read the definitions at the link provided.

Mature Content Policy

The Chronicles of Aereth RPG is rated 18+ for occasional mature content and you must be at least eighteen years old to join the site. However, it is preferred that the majority of writing be safe for all audiences (PG-13).


To view mature content on our site, you must…

  1. Be a registered member.
  2. Have your birthdate in your profile (this can be set to private).
  3. Enable Mature Content in your profile settings.
  4. Directions can be found HERE.

When writing content that contains graphic violence, sexually explicit language, or is a sexually explicit scene, you must…

  1. Have your birthdate listed in your profile (Only Admin will be able to see it).
  2. Have Mature Content enabled in your profile settings.
  3. Mark the posts as Mature by clicking the toggle at the bottom of the editor window.

Not Allowed

Although the Chronicles of Aereth is rated 18+ and is set in a medieval-type time period, there are some things we just don’t want on the site. The prohibited content list is below. We are aware that these situations were not uncommon in Aereth’s timeframe. Aereth just doesn’t want to go there! Very vague inferences are acceptable, nothing more will be allowed.

  • Graphic Underage Sex: Do not write sexually explicit scenes with characters or NPCs that are under the age of eighteen (18).
  • Rape, Sexual Violence: Do not write graphic scenes portraying rape and other violent sex acts.
  • Violence Against Children: Again, we realize these things happen in real life and happened in the timeframe that Aereth is set in. However, we do not need to read about it in the roleplay.

The Rules of Magic

To keep the playing field relatively even and fair, we have developed the following rules regarding the use of magic.

If you want something added or want to negotiate a skill or ability, put it in writing and send it via a PM to the Game Managers. If it enhances game play, we will most likely agree to add some version of it. If it is simply to make your character more powerful than everyone else’s, it will likely be refused.

  1. The abilities laid out in a specific race or species document cannot be altered. The abilities are in the documents for a reason!
  2. No waving a wand and poof! you’re a weasel magic. With all due respect to the fandom, this is not a Harry Potter game. Aereth’s magic is based in elemental magic, nature, and ritual.
  3. No one springs from the womb or egg with all magical abilities intact and ready to use. The affinity may exist from birth but the ability to use it has to be learned.
  4. Even if they dabble in the magical arts on Earth, no Traveler will arrive with the ability to immediately tap into the Ley! They must have time to acclimate before the connection will exert itself.
  5. If you write an ability into a post just so your character can win and it is not in the character’s bio, you will be asked to rewrite your post.
  6. Permission-Based: The Chronicles of Aereth is a permission-based roleplay. You need the other player(s)’ permission for your spell or magical attack to affect their character(s). You need to work this out with your writing partners before you add it into a thread and wind up having to rewrite the entire post.
  7. No Invincibility or Infallibility: This goes with Rule #6! So that we all can enjoy writing our characters’ magical abilities, work with other members to allow magic to affect your character(s). We get that you might not want a character killed, especially your main character, and we will never ask you to allow that. However, healers can be available where needed or a spellbreaker can be found. Work with the other writers, allow your character to be affected from time-to-time.
  8. Last, but not least, it is impossible to document every type of magic in the universe! We are not going to try. Read the arcane section of your character’s race. If what you want is not there, ask us. Within reason, we will try to accommodate you.


Character Creation

  1. Read the lore specific to your character’s race or races.
  2. Create and fill our your character’s profile on the site. Do not click ready for play until the profile is finished. You can PM Admin or drop a message in Discord if you have questions.
  3. When your profile is complete, click ready for play, save it and start writing. If you want Admin to look over your character sheet before you start playing, just ask.

Oversight: You do not have to wait for a review and approval to start playing your character. However, should we find that your character significantly breaks the lore of a species, race, or nation, you will be asked to make revisions. We know that reading a site’s lore can be tedious, but if you don’t, you might have to correct your character’s profile, and maybe even your IC posts.

Limited Consent

Limited Consent attempts to strike an even balance between consent and consequence. Certain negative consequences can be enforced without roleplayer agreement. Character death, physical damage, and other severe consequences still require roleplayer agreement. However if the roleplayer is absent without notice and has not responded to admin’s attempts to contact them, their characters can be written out in whatever manner the staff sees fit.

Aereth welcomes in-character drama in all of our plots. We prefer seeing a balance of action, drama, humor, romance, and contention. We strongly recommend OOC discussions when planning major character drama. The following guidelines are to keep the players and admin staff on the same page.

Character Death

You may not kill anyone else’s character without permission from the roleplayer. If the roleplayer has left the game without notice, contact admin. They will do what is needed with the character(s).

Character Contention

Please discuss character contention with the other roleplayer(s) involved and notify Admin also. You do not have to provide details, just let everyone know that the contention has been planned. We ask this so that no one mistakes in-character contention for behind-the-posts roleplayer contention.

Actions and Consequences

If your character is seriously wounded on Tuesday, he or she will not be engaging in battle on Wednesday. This goes for almost all in-character overt actions and words.

Character Reactions

Other roleplayers are not required to have their characters react as you think they should.


Requirements? We don’t need no stinkin’ requirements! Just kidding. To keep game play fair and the plots flowing, we do have a few requirements.


Aereth will not perform mandatory activity checks. However, if a roleplayer makes zero effort to post or engage in the RPG and does not have an official LOA/ELOA posted, their accounts will be moved to Inactive after 30 days. After 90 days, it will be assumed that they are not returning. All incomplete posts/threads will be archived. Their characters will be written out of all plots and stories.

Character Limits

Except for the characters known as Travelers, there are no character limits. Each player may have as many characters as they want or can manage. However, we do suggest that you get your first character approved and into play before creating more.


Joint posting is a type of posting where users can edit one another’s posts in joint-post enabled forums to add tag replies. This facilitates direct interaction between characters and reduces the number of very short posts that we have on the site. For more information, read the Joint-Posting section of our Vesta User’s Guide.

  1. Do not change the content of a JP (joint-post) without the express permission of your writing partner(s), not even to correct a typo without their express permission.
  2. Joint-Posts become very long, very quickly. You need to break joint-posts (JPs) into segments of 800 – 1,000 words each. Try to make sure each writer in the thread gets to start a new reply so that all characters are showing activity levels on the site.
  3. Posts that are being edited will be locked until the user has finished and saved it. This prevents users from overwriting one another’s post.

Word Counts

Currently, since Aereth offers the ability to easily write joint-posts, there is not a mandatory word count. Minimum post allowed is one sentence. However, since our forums are joint-post enabled, it is preferred that our members consider using this method to avoid a large number of one-line posts. In general, all we ask is that a post reply, no matter its length, moves the plot forward and allows the other writer(s) room for a decent response.


  • Absolutely no advertising in Character Signatures!
  • Active Roleplayers may post discrete PG-13 ads in their OOC account signature.
  • All images must be static, no gifs / animations allowed.
  • No more than one 700px X 250px ad or 4 88X31 buttons.
  • Please limit your advertising to RPGs to those that you are an active owner, staff, or member.


The Chronicles of Aereth encourages fellow RPG and RPG resource sites to affiliate with us. It is easy. Below are the rules.

  1. Click on the Affiliate Application button, main forum index, bottom-left on sidebar.
  2. You must take one of our buttons and post it before we will approve yours.
  3. Fill out the form and upload your PG-13 88×31 button (Aereth hosts your button).

Read the Affiliating rules on the application page.