Timekeeping on Aereth

Current Time Period

  • 4th Moon – 6th Moon, 2020
  • Rings Regnant (at their brightest)


When you get to Aereth’s Timeline document, this is the format we’re using for thousands, millions, billions of years, etc.

  • BYA = billion years ago (ex. 10bya = 10 billion years ago).
  • MYA = million years ago (ex. 2mya = 2 million years ago).
  • KYA = thousand years ago (ex. 25kya = 25,000 years ago).
  • YA = years ago (ex. 200ya = 200 years ago).
  • BCE and CE: These still work! BCE = Before Common Era; CE = Common Era.


This document will give you the basics of how Aereth tracks time. Time keeping has been kept as close to the real world formats as possible.

Although each of Aereth’s cultures may have their own way of naming months and days of the week, they all keep up with the modern common calendar. Aereth’s orbit around the sun, the moon’s orbit around Aereth, and the brightening and darkening of the Ley dictate the cycles of time.

The Worlds

At the end of the 2nd Ice Age, a calendar was agreed on by the Conclave of Nations. At the beginning of the next turn, the year was reset to 1 and the Turn was designated as the 1st World.


One turn is equal to four-thousand years and is divided into periods based on the Ley’s cycle of waxing and waning. The

Ley are the bands of magical energy that encircle Aereth. These are also called the Rings of Aereth as that is how they would appear to observers.

  • Waxing = 1,000 years: This is the period of time when Aereth’s rings are gradually brightening. The innermost ring (band of energy) is always faintly visible although at the Ley’s dimmest, it can only be seen at night.
  • Regnant (Brightest) = 1,000 years: The rings or Ley are said to be Regnant when they are at their zenith. All three rings rings are bright and luminous. They can be seen during the day and at night as bands of shimmering blue and silver-white auroras.
  • Waning = 1,000 years: After a thousand years, the Rings begin to dim. The darker bands of energy that flows between the Ley can be seen flickering, sort of like sullen sparks of lightning.
  • Obscura (Dimmest) = 1,000 years: The period that is called the Obscura is when the rings are at their dimmest. Only flickers can be seen here and there. The innermost ring is barely visible at night.


  • Aereth’s orbital period is known as a year.
  • Orbital Period: 365.26 days.


Aereth’s months are dictated by the orbital period of its moon, Aine. Each month is numbered (1 -12) and would be written as 1st Moon, 2nd Moon, etc. If writing out a full date (MM/DD/YYYY), it is 1st Moon, 2nd Day, YYYY or 02-1st Moon-YYYY

Orbital Period: 36 days, 1 hour, 30 minutes.

The Shroud

Each month, the fluctuation of the darkest Ley – no matter where they are in their cycle – blots out the sun and the moon in a total eclipse. During this period, the people of Aereth believe that the Veil Between the Worlds is at its thinnish allowing for easier incursions by the Shadow’s Hordes. It may or may not be the time when the Forerunner’s ancient portals are the most unstable.

The Eclipses (Shrouds)

  • Midwinter Moon: Beginning/end of year, peak eclipse around Noon. (visible)
  • End of 1st Moon: Peak occurs around 10pm. (not visible)
  • End of 2nd Month: Peak occurs around 8am. (visible)
  • End of 3rd Moon: Peak occurs around 6pm. (beginning visible)
  • End of 4th Moon: Peak occurs around 4am. (end visible)
  • End of 5th Moon: Peak occurs around 2pm. (visible)
  • End of 6th Moon: Peak occurs around midnight. (not visible)
  • End of 7th Moon: Peak occurs around 10am. (visible)
  • End of 8th Moon: Peak occurs around 8pm. (beginning visible)
  • End of 9th Moon: Peak occurs around 6am. (end visible)
  • End of 10th Moon: Peak occurs around 4pm. (visible)
  • End of 11th Moon: Peak occurs around 2am. (not visible)


Aereth’s rotation is the rotation of the planet around its own axis. It rotates eastward, in prograde motion. As viewed from the north pole star, Aereth turns anti-clockwise.

The universal calendar in use by the residents of Aereth does not give names to the days of the week. They are simply numbered from 1 – 30. This means that weeks are generally not used as part of their calendar or timekeeping methods.

1 Day = 24 hours.

In the Beginning

As with any universe, galaxy and solar system, Aereth’s universe had a beginning. Unlike our universe, the Allverse formed with an additional element – magic. It exploded into existence many billions of years ago. In time, a galaxy that would be known as Cleddyf Goleuni (Old Tongue, pronounced: claythif galāni) or the Sword of Light in the common tongue, formed. Soon afterward, a solar system formed and within it was a habitable surrounded by rings of magical energy. This was Aereth although names would not be put to the planets and sun for a very long time.

The two god-beings associated with the formation of the Allverse are Erais, the Arcane Light, and Tar’garath, the God of Chaos.

Erais, the Arcane Light

Erais, aka the Arcane Light, is considered a benevolent creation deity. Because Erais is associated with creation, this deity is viewed as female in nature since it is the female that brings life into the world. Erais provided the spark that created the Allverse and provided the elements that would lead to the formation of life.

Tar’garath, God of Chaos

Tar’garath has many names but this is the one that the legends and myths of the Ddraig say the Tuatha Dé Danann brought forth in the Naming of Names. This deity is aligned with the dark side of the supernatural world and generally viewed as a male persona. Tar’garath is also seen as the antithesis of the Arcane Light.