Aereth in a Nutshell

Where Am I?


Aereth is a habitable moon in orbit around Gwydion, the second planet from the sun in our solar system. Those looking up from Aereth’s surface would not be able to miss the great ringed planet overhead. The rings do not consist of space debris. They are beautiful bands of energy and light known as the Ley.

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Bassilith is barely off Vendia’s west coast. It is a huge island that falls just short of being an island-continent. This is where Siege Perilous, the larges and oldest of the dragon sieges, is located. It is also the Gwerin’s primary homeland. The Danu (their ruler) lives in Annwyn Court (their capital).


It is likely that the majority of our game-play will take place on the massive continent of Vendia. If you need a location visual, think of North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Vendia’s Nations

  • Nordheim (Vanir; Aereth humans)
  • Tynar-Dazûr (Dwarrow; Aereth’s dwarves)
  • Aquitaine (Murians, home of the Templars; Aereth humans)
  • Helvetia (small, politically neutral; various races)
  • Kingdom of Vales (Murians and Travelers; mix of Aereth humans and ancient Earth human bloodlines)

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This continent is located across the Rheic Ocean (think Atlantic) to the east of Vendia. It does not have any organized nations. There are warring tribes of Murians, wild Wyr (shapeshifters) and high in the remote mountains, a small siege of dragons to keep watch for Shadowhorde incursions.


This continent lies to the east of Eirares. It is still connected to Xia by a narrow strip of land, but that will change over time as the two continents are rifting apart. The ruins of Cal’dyra, the former homeland of the residents of Aquitaine, lies on its southern coast.


Xia is the continent farthest to the east from Vendia. In an event of parallel development, it has developed a culture reminiscent of Earth’s far east. It is currently divided into warring nation-states ruled by Warlords known as the Khans.


Lemuria is a large (very large) continent in the southern hemisphere. Little is known about it beyond the fact that modern indigenous Aereth humans evolved there before spreading out across the globe.

Obsidian Islands

The Obsidian Islands lay far across the western sea and to the west of Bassilith and Vendia. They are the mountainous remnants of the continent of Uthuria that was destroyed in the last Shadow War. It is the realm of Baara, the Lord of Shadows, suspected to be the earthly liaison of Tar’garath, the Goddess of Blood and Shadows. It is also the place where Siege Azdiel is located which is now the lair of the drakhmar (evil dragons) and their Empress, Xorayss.

Few that journey to the Obsidians ever returns. However, it is financially worth it to try because of the vast deposits of obsidian that can be found.

Amber Islands

These are also remnants from the destruction of Uthuria and the realm of the Wyr. The Amber Islands lie between the Obsidians and Bassilith. There are still Wyr living on the islands. For more information, you should read the Wyr’s history.

Aereth’s Geology

Aereth has an unusually stable geological history. She has a very active plate tectonic system and has gone through periods of natural cataclysm. There is a regular cycle of rising and retreating seas and the continents and land masses rise, sink, collide and reform.

For the majority of Aereth’s geological history, her landmasses have tended to consolidate into one or two massive continents with outlying barrier islands and a few island-continents. In her current iteration, there are two major continents, Catria and Euresia and a very large subcontinent (Xia). Aereth is also very volcanically active leading its inhabitants to discover and make use of her natural geothermal resources. There are numerous island archipelagos that appear very fragmented. This leads Aereth scientists to speculate that they were shattered at some time in the past by some catastrophic event or series of events. Aereth is also riddled with massive and deep reaching cave systems, many of which have never been explored and are not known to exist. Most of these systems carry with them great rivers and hot springs which many of Aereth’s inhabitants tap for hot water and drinking water.

Flora and Fauna

Life is abundant on Aereth. There is a multitude of flora and fauna of all kinds, even several species of megafauna have survived into Aereth’s modern ages. Due to the fact that many of those living on Aereth have a reverence for nature and follow nature based or shamanistic type belief systems (Pagan, Druid, Native American), there are vast forests of all kinds. Agriculturists take advantage of the rich and fertile river plains, valleys, and other areas that are naturally compatible with farming and ranching although other than the raising of a few domestic animals such as the Suri (an Alpaca like animal, chickens and other fowl, cattle, etc.), the preference for most is to hunt for what is needed and to give thanks to the creature that sustained and to Aereth for providing the animal. With few exceptions, hunting just for the sport of it is not a standard practice.

The People of Aereth

Aereth is ancient. Over its vast lifespan, civilizations have flourished, fallen, and disappeared entirely. The oldest of Aereth’s indigenous races are the Ddraig and the Sídhe races, Gwerin, Wyr, Sedayin, and Dwarrow. Aereth also supports two younger human races. The Murians are native to Aereth and evolved from a lemur-like primate following a similar path to the rise of Earth’s modern humans. Over the span of a few millennia, groups of Earth humans have become trapped in the ancient malfunctioning portals and stranded on Aereth. Some of them have influenced a variety of Aereth’s native human cultures.

The oldest known artifacts date from a period before the Age of Dreaming (Dreamtime) and the Fall of Uthuria. None of the current races have records of that period. The civilizations that created these things are called the Forerunners. In fact, they were a race of beings called the Tuatha Dé Danann which have become the Gwerin’s pantheon of gods and goddesses. They are long extinct and only the barest hints of their former grandeur has ever been found.


Magic on Aereth is governed by an individual’s aptitude and ability to connect to the Ley. Certain races and species have innate magical abilities. However, except for those with passive gifts such as shapeshifting, all magical use requires training.

There are artifacts that enhance a being’s ability to connect with and control the power of the Ley. These things are known as relics or hallows.

There are no restrictions on which characters can or cannot use magic. You will need to read the documents pertaining to each species/race to see who can do what and how. Please note, no character springs from its mother’s womb as a magical prodigy! They all must be trained to use and control their gifts.

Light and Dark

Aereth has always been on the knife’s edge of Light (good) vs. Dark (bad).

The Arcane Light

Erais, the Arcane Light, is not a true goddess or entity of any kind. It is an omniscient presence that influences the positive powers of magic on Aereth. Many of the world’s residents consider the Arcane Light to be a goddess since they are very earth-mother oriented in their belief systems.

Tar’garath (Shadowed One)

Tar’garath has many names. This presence is believed by many on Aereth to be the Goddess of Blood and Shadows, the Mother of the Shadowhorde, the essence of Darkness, and the antithesis of the Arcane Light. Like Erais, Tar’garath is not really an entity but an omniscient presence.


Almost all of Aereth’s intelligent species and races are considered Lightborn. Their essence is positive and good. The individual people strive to do good and guard Aereth against incursions of the Shadowhorde.


The Grayborn are individuals born from the union of a Shadowborn with a Lightborn. They forever struggle with the two halves of their natures. Many of these people join the Dragonslayers’ Guild or the Howling Pirates. Some do overcome their dark side and join with the Morrighan or other division that battles on behalf of the Arcane Light.


The Shadowborn are possibly more complex than the Lightborn. Some of Aereth’s creatures were created by the Shadowed One and serves Tar’garath. They cannot be turned to the Light. Some individuals ally with Tar’garath voluntarily in return for wealth and power. Others become Shadowtouched in a more insidious manner.

However, this bonding to the Goddess of Blood and Shadows occurs, unless caught before the sliver of Darkness can take hold, it is permanent. There is no redemption. For those creatures created by the Shadowed One, there is no hope of salvation ever.