OOC Profile Completion

Complete Your Profile

It is vital that you complete your OOC profile. This is how other members will know your writing limits and where you enable or disable mature content display. It is smart to save your profile as you complete each tab!

  1. Click on your Display Name (top, right of main forum page).
  2. Choose Edit Profile.
  3. Go through each tab and complete as much information as you deem relevant.

Mature Content

In order to view content that members have marked as Mature, you need to do two things in your profile.

  1. Settings Tab: If you wish to view mature content, click the Mature Content toggle (it is disabled by default).
  2. Profile Tab: Enter your birthdate. Our site is 18+. You can choose not to show the date by clicking Hide my birthdate from others on the Settings tab.


  1. Set your timezone.
  2. Choose your theme (Note: This can also be done on the forum’s main page).
  3. Display Mature Content: Enable this is you wish to be able to read and write mature content posts. You must also set a birthdate for this feature to work.
  4. Automatically follow content I post or reply to: Set this to on to be automatically subscribed to your content. You can also manually Follow posts and forums.
  5. Hide my birthdate from others: Enable this to hide your birthdate in posts.
  6. Allow non-staff to directly message me: Turn this on to allow other members to PM you.

Password & Recovery

Important! Under the Password & Recovery tab, you need to select your Password Recovery Question and Answer. Due to a system bug, you may have to input the answer more than once. Save and make sure it says A recovery answer is stored.



  • 250 x 250 square (1:1 ratio)
  • (Required: minimum of 1 image) You may use artwork instead of a photograph-style image.

Secondary Image

  • 275 x 500 rectangle
  • (Required: minimum of 1 image) This image appears to the left of your post and as your main image in your profile.

If you need help sizing your images, contact Stormwolfe.


  1. Personal Quote (Optional): This is a short blurb or saying that will show at the top of your OOC posts.
  2. Birthdate: Honestly, we do not care if you enter correct month and day. However, the year needs to be correct in order for you to view all board content. This setting works in conjunction with the Mature Content toggle on the Settings tab.
  3. Gender: Optional.
  4. Contact Details: Optional.
  5. Signature (Optional): You may add a discreet PG-13 signature to your OOC profile. Images should not be more than 750 px wide. You may advertise other sites you are on. No animated GIFs!
  6. About Me (Required, Free Form): If there is anything you want us to know about you, put it here. We are looking for things like your writing limits, how often you post, your plot goals, etc.