Character Creation

The Chronicles of Aereth requires a fairly detailed character profile. However it will not be held up for Admin approval before you start playing. A majority of the information it asks for is specific and can be answered in one or two words. Other fields are completely optional or may not pertain to your character and will be left blank. Our Character Profiles are living documents. We hope you take advantage of this and update your character(s) often as their story unfolds.

Before You Begin

  • Read the Lore specific to your character’s race and homeland.
  • We always recommend that you float character concepts in our Discord before beginning. It’s a good place to start because we can direct you to the pertinent bits of lore.
  • Although you do not have to wait for an approval, Admin and other players will read your profile. If we find it conflicts with the lore, you will be contacted privately and asked for corrections and changes.

Character Sheet Template


This is a mock-up of the character profile form that you will find on the RPG site. In the free-form (WYSIWYG) fields, you may have to do some reformatting if you are copying and pasting from a Google Doc or other word-type application.

This is going to be a very long document because of the screenshots and help text. Please keep this in mind. The actual on-site document is nowhere near as long.

Creating A New Character

  1. To add a new character, NPC, or to manage (edit) your character…
  2. Click on your Username.
  3. Choose Manage My Characters or Characters (depending on theme).
  4. Select Create Character, Create Non-Player Character, or Manage (edit) which is to the right, beneath the character you wish to edit.

When you click on Create or Manage, you will be taken into the bio form. Before going further, we are going to deal with the Ready to Play and Save options.

Do NOT click Ready for Play until you have filled out the entire profile form! If you do accidentally click it, let an admin know and we’ll reset it to in-progress.

DO CLICK SAVE OFTEN! Yes, this is a bit of a pain as it takes you out of the profile and you have to click Manage and go back to where you were. However, this is better than the risk of losing all of your work. Vesta, our forum software, does auto-saves, but doing a hard save periodically is still a good idea.

Standard Section

The Standard Section should be filled out with at least your character’s name before clicking Save the first time.

First Name

Required: This is your character’s first name.

Middle Name

Optional: Middle names are not necessary. Please do not use this for nicknames or known as.

Last Name

Optional: Last names are also optional. Your character might be one of those One Name People. You might also have regional last names such of Siege Perilous.


Required: This is a dropdown list of races and species. If you do not see the one you want (i.e. you are creating your own race), save your work, and contact an Admin. It will be added as soon as possible.


Required: This is the country, nation, or kingdom that the character is currently allied with. It can be changed as play progresses.

Personal Quote

Optional: This is a short personal saying that displays at the top of character’s profile and posts. Please do not write a novel!


Optional: Characters can have their own signature image and/or text. Advertising is prohibited in character signatures. Please limit image sizes to 800 x 400 maximum and center it.

Biography Section

The Biography Section has four tabs beneath it: Appearance, Traits, Abilities, Conspectus. You need to click on each tab and fill out the required fields under it. If a field is optional or not-applicable to your character, leave it blank! Blank fields do not show on the character’s profile. If you need a reminder to come back and complete a field, you may list it as WIP for work-in-progress. Do NOT use not-applicable or N/A.



(Required) List the character’s age in years. If it is an exceptionally long-lived creature that does not track its age (such as the Ddraig), simply put something like 3000 +/-.

Eye Color

(Required) Character’s eye color, one or two words only (ex. Blue or Dark Blue). You can elaborate on their eye color, eye shape, etc., in the Description field.

Hair Color

(Semi-Optional) List human-like characters’ hair color. Use one or two words such as Light Brown or just Brown. You can elaborate on color, texture, and style in the Description field. If your character is a Ddraig that shapeshifts to a previous Morrighan’s form, you will want to list that hair color and put details in the Description field.


(Required) Character’s height. If the character is a Ddraig use the Ddraig Size Calculator to determine the dragons height at the withers.


(Required for Ddraig) Use the Ddraig Size Calculator to determine the dragon’s length, height, and wingspan.


(Required) Use the Ddraig Size Calculator to determine the dragon’s wingspan.


(Optional) You can use this field to elaborate on your character’s appearance. For example, if there are any marks, scars, tattoos, unusual eye color or shape, hair length and style, and even style of preferred clothing. This is a good place to note any differences between your character and their playby image.

For Ddraig and other non-human characters, you can detail their scale color, etc. here.


(Required) List character’s playby name here. If you are using original art, state that.

Original art is welcome. However, please avoid cartoonish images. Well-done animé style, realistic style, etc. can be used. Please avoid Bugs Bunny style images.



(Required) Choose the character’s affinity from the dropdown.

  • Lightborn: These characters are generally considered the good guys. They fight on the side of the Arcane Light to keep the Shadow at bay or drive the Shadowborn away from inhabited lands. The Lightborn protect those that have no defense against the Shadows. This does not mean that the Lightborn have no faults and are super-perfect or that they cannot wind up serving the God of Shadows as one of the Shadow-Touched.
  • Grayborn: The Grayborn are the offspring of a Lighborn and Shadowborn. They embody both aspects: Light and Dark. Grayborn characters tend to be the most tragic and conflicted characters. The Grayborn will have a lifelong internal struggle between their two natures. These characters often choose a life of crime, join the Howlers (pirates), Inlanders (raiders), or the Dragonslayers’ Guild.
  • Shadowborn: These are not, or will they ever be, good guys. The Shadowborn embody all aspects of the Shadows and are loyal followers of Tar’garath, the God of Shadows. There are Shadowborn creatures whose affinity is readily apparent. However, many are able to blend in with


(Required) Briefly describe who your character is. You can describe their personality, list basic character traits (i.e. brave, loyal, quick-tempered, etc.). The previous field, Affinity, will impact some of your character’s identity and personality.



(Required) In one or two words, list the character’s means of support (i.e. their craft or trade). Examples would be Warrior, Morrighan, Blacksmith, etc. Detail their skills in the Skills field.

Basic Skills

(Optional) List and describe any major and relevant skills. This can be combat training, weapons they use, etc. Education and vocation would go here also (if they are a physician, are they more specialized in surgery or disease?).


(Required if character is a magic-user) List and describe character’s magical abilities and limitations or weaknesses. If your character is a magic-user, we expect details! This field will be reviewed to make sure the character is aligned with their race, species, and the site’s general rules of magic (see Aereth and Magic). Please note that if your character is not a magic-user at the outset, this can be edited and added later.


con·spec·tus (kən-spĕk′təs): a general survey of a subject.


(Optional) Please list any important played character relationships here or relationship history if it is relevant to game play (i.e. something other characters would know). This would include if the character is wingbonded (Morrighan / dragon). This field can be updated as the character’s story progresses.


(Semi-Required) You do not have to have this field fully completed to start game-play. We do ask that you go ahead and add, in timeline format, the most recent major life events that brings them into current game-play and stories. You can had more background as it unfolds in your mind as you write the character.

Free Form

(Optional) This is the roleplayer’s free-form field to add anything else they want known about the character, to set limits on what other characters would know, use as a plotter or shipper, etc.

Images Section

This is the section where you will upload, delete, or update your character’s images. Vesta uses a random image rotator for both avatars and secondary images so you can upload more than one. The gallery only shows on the character’s profile page.

Avatars and Secondary Images: Unless the character is a Traveler from Earth, please do not use images that include modern technology (no cars, computers, cell phones, guns, etc.).

Images Note: While we prefer “real” faces, we do not mind well-done artwork. Playby claims only applies to real people’s faces and not dragon art. Remember to use the Description field to give a well-defined description of your Ddraig character because more than one person may be using the same free-art for their Ddraig.


  • 250 x 250 square (1:1 ratio)
  • (Required: minimum of 1 image) This is your character’s “face”. You may use artwork instead of a playby. However, we do ask that the artwork is not cartoonish (i.e. Bugs Bunny).

Secondary Image

  • 275 x 500 rectangle
  • (Required: minimum of 1 image) This image appears to the left of your character’s post and as their main image in their profile.

Ready for Play?

We are back to the original screenshot! Remember when we said Do NOT click Ready for Play? Guess what, you’re now ready fto play!

  1. Click the checkbox to the left of Ready for Play.
  2. Click Save.
  3. An alert that the character is ready for play will be sent to our Discord’s #welcome channel.
  4. That’s it! You are ready to start writing.
  5. Reminder: You may be asked to make corrections and changes if Admin finds or is alerted to major conflicts between your character’s information and our established lore.