Dragon FAQ

Absolutely! However, you might want to consider putting your Morrighan up for adoption in our Character's Wanted forum. Playing both might limit some of your characters' interactions. However, if that is your preference, the Admin is okay with it.

Before making your decision, you may want to read all of the Dragons lore!

Not on Aereth! In many respects, dragons are a type of chimera. Technically, they are warm-blooded egg layers. They have more in common with birds than reptiles, including primitive feathers.

LOL! Stop thinking like an Earth human. Just kidding. Here's some information on Aereth's dragons and sacrifices.

A dragon actually dislikes the taste of human meat. To their palette, it is rank and sour tasting.

The dragons do not require that any human population pay tribute in human lives or send them virgins for the purpose of mating or being consumed as a delicacy. However, if it is discovered that some children and young adults are capable of hearing and understanding the Dragon, some human nations send them to their local sieges.

The sieges are vast colonies of dragons and bipeds. They have to be supported and maintained to perform at their peak. Since there is little arable land around most sieges, they do require that the lands and people they defend help support them. The content of the tithe varies based on the nation's wealth and major products. A tithe can consist of farm goods, livestock, and Morrighan candidates. It can also include crafts and other trade goods, grains, and seeds. The siege is not totally dependent on the tithes for support. The dragons hunt and, since they can bring down the megafauna, they share their kills with their Morrighan. The biped population also turn out crafts, farm and raise livestock if there is enough land.

Much like ravens and crows, dragons are entranced by shiny things. Males will collect objects and stash them in the bower section of their aerie. This is done as a final offering to a female.

A Morrighan is a dragonrider that serve with the dragons to protect Aereth from various dangers - mainly the incursions of the Dark Hordes. While other bipeds can hear and understand the the dragon's mindspeech, the Morrighan do so on an even higher level and can also communicate with them the same way.

No! The Dragon cannot mate or crossbreed with other species. Besides, they do not find humans at all sexually attractive.

Imprinting only works on those that can hear the telepathic speech of the dragons and understand their songs. Also, imprinting only forms a psychic/magical connection. It does not allow the Dragon to control minds or read thoughts.

Technically, the differences are more a matter of semantics. Morrighan candidates impress a dragon by mentally singing the candidate's version of the Song of Airsith, one of the sacred dragonsongs. The dragon that can telepathically hear the candidate's song loudest and clearest will descend to the flight dais at the citadel.

This is when Imprinting takes places. This is the actual formation of the psychic link between dragon and rider. Once done, it is said that both the dragon and their Morrighan are imprinted.