Aereth RPG FAQ

Most of this information can be found in more detail in other Lore & Legends documentation. This is just a quick start guide for you.

The Chronicles of Aereth RPG is an online storytelling style of roleplaying game. It is set in a fantasy universe where the Laws of Physics and the Laws of Magic rule. Our goal is to tell stories through the eyes of the characters that we portray.

It is recommended that you go to our Lore & Legends Site Index and read the documents, starting with Aereth for Beginners. Some basic information is also contained on our Home page.

Aereth is written in 3rd Person, Past Tense, Limited POV. In other words, you can only write from your character's point of view, not the other characters.

Third Person Limited

When written in third-person limited, the story is about he or she/him or her, or the character is mentioned by name. As with all other POVs besides Omniscient, the writer is limited to one perspective character—your camera. Everything you write must be seen through that camera: your perspective character’s eyes, ears, and mind.

Third Person Omniscient

On some occasions, you might want to use the omniscient point-of-view because you are setting up a scene or have been given permission to write for other characters. You may also be setting up a thread, telling the story of a place, region, or people, etc. We prefer that this be done through the eyes of your character, but sometimes it works best to write as the narrator or storyteller.

OOC Knowledge

Using OOC Knowledge in-character is generally considered a big no-no, just like metagaming, godmodding, etc. Do not do it!

It is second-nature to want to tell unseen things and things yet unseen. Simply because you read something in a character's profile does not mean your character would know it. Before replying to a tag or writing a post reply, think about what your character could realistically know, hear, see, smell, etc. Do not give them super-powers or make them omniscient!

No, Aereth is a world - a habitable moon actually - set in a universe and galaxy far far away. Even if Earthlings had advanced space travel technology, they could not reach Aereth.

However, Earthlings have arrived on Aereth via damaged arcane portals. These are accidents that happen when a portal randomly opens on Earth and traps an individual or even a group of people. Once on Aereth, there is no returning to Earth. The portals are all badly damaged and transient. They come and go.

This is why there are pockets of familiar things, words, and even cultures on Aereth.

Yes and no!

We consider Aereth as a sword and sorcery fantasy RPG. This usually suggests a medieval or earlier period with elements of magic and the supernatural. Our general rule of thumb on technology is that if the ancient Minoans, Greeks, and Romans had it, it is present on Aereth, or we have adapted something to work on Aereth.

When it comes to weapons, our Technology document explains things pretty well. No ranged weapons that are typically designed to pneumatically discharge solid projectiles but can also be liquid or even charged particles and may be free-flying or tethered will be allowed. In other words, no guns, no weapons that use or depend on gunpowder, will be allowed.

That does not mean that the people of Aereth are not advanced. They are highly intelligent, skilled, and very knowledgeable regarding their realm. Medical knowledge is very advanced, and Aereth's physicians and healers are quite skilled. They simply have to function with limited technology. There are simple mechanical microscopes (no electron scanning microscopes), and most people understand that germs, bacteria, and viruses cause illnesses.

So, as you can see, a lack of advanced technology does not mean a lack of intelligence and sophistication.

Yes. Almost all nations on the continent of Vendia and Bassilith Island (our main RPG locations) use gold, silver, and copper talens. The coins and tiny bars are minted by the Dwarrow which ensures a consistent size and weight. 

Yes! We do have a way for you to play an Earth human. Humans that have wound up trapped on Aereth after stumbling into one of the Forerunner's malfunctioning, transient portals are called Travelers (Earth Humans). There are some limitations set on them and they cannot bring their advanced tech stuff with them if they are modern humans.

Yes, Dragons are playable. However, they are not designed as standalone characters. While you can play both the dragon and their flightbonded biped, we recommend that you list one or the other in our Characters Wanted forum and NPC it until someone picks it up. You can also shop the character around to RPG resource sites that allow you to post want ads.

*Yep, afraid so!

I know this can be a touchy subject. However, it is and has been a part of the world we live in. Considering Aereth's time-period, it is simply illogical to expect there not to be a slave trade. Now, some lands allow the practice freely and in others it is allowed, but regulated. In still others, slavery is completely outlawed.

Slavery on Aereth is not only one race subjugating another. Slaves might be captives from a war, they may be victims of kidnapping, or their family might have sold them to slave traders because they have too many mouths to feed. Some slave owners are kind, some are cruel. Some nations have elevated the art of slavery into indentured servitude or bonded servitude where, after a period of time settled on at the time the bond is purchased, the slave/servant will be granted their freedom. Surprisingly, or not, many freed slaves become slavers themselves.

The nations and lands that have outlawed slavery are called free-states by those in the slave trade. Some of the free-states will give escaped slaves sanctuary. Others, due to treaty requirements, allow escaped slaves to be apprehended and returned to their owner. 

Yes, there is a Slavers' Guild. Many of the free-states frown on its existence.

*Disclaimer: The admin and members of the RPG are not promoters or supporters of slavery. It is a horrible practice - historically or in modern times - and should never be tolerated in any form.

No activity checks!

Our players have made an effort to join our RPG and create a character. It is up to each of them to remain active or not. We would like to see timely responses to tags, but even that should be worked out between the writing partners involved in the thread. If a player completely ghosts without leaving an absence notice (even if they just say they have writer's block) and there's zero contact from them for 90 days (3 months), we will eventually archive the account and posts. After six months, they'll be deleted. Again, this is based on zero contact for a total of nine months to 1 year. If you are hanging in Discord, chatting with us, just not motivated to post, that's fine.

Aereth does not have a set word count. Please see our policy below...

Currently, since Aereth offers the ability to easily write joint-posts, there is not a mandatory word count. Minimum post allowed is one sentence. However, since our in-character forums are joint-post enabled, it is preferred that our members consider using this method to avoid a large number of one-line posts. In general, all we ask is that a post reply, no matter its length, moves the plot forward and allows the other writer(s) room for a decent response.

The Chronicles of Aereth uses Vesta, a feature-packed, designed specifically for forum roleplay forum application. We are self-hosted and currently experiencing 99.9% uptime.

The Vesta User’s Guide has descriptions of the main features and how they work.

Nope! You register one OOC account. You will need to create a character and fill out its associated profile and that is auto-magically linked to your account. When you post or reply to a thread, just choose your character from a handy-dandy dropdown list.

No. You do need to complete a character profile for each character. However, Admin assumes you are reading the lore relevant to your character type. Most of our group reads new profiles so if you've missed an important bit of race or land lore or have glaring issues and errors, you will be asked to make changes and corrections. However, you do not have to wait for profile review or approval to begin writing. Just be aware, you may have to make corrections.

If you are uncertain that your character follows our lore because, face it, there's lots of it, you can ask a member of staff to look over it before you click Ready for Play. Send us a PM or drop a note and link into the #help-me channel on our Discord.

Absolutely not! We do recommend that you read the documents in the Aereth for Beginners category and any lore specific to your character's race or land. Don't worry, if you miss something, we'll help you out without going nuts on you. We do not expect everyone to be experts.

Please note, if the answer to a question or a correction is long and detailed, we might point you to the relevant bit of lore rather than trying to type it all out. You can always ask us for clarifications if you don't understand. It's how the staff earns its kibble!