Murians (Aereth Humans)


Race Name: Murian

Murian is the colloquial name given to Aereth’s indigenous species that is the closest to Earth’s humans in nature and evolutionary history. The name was probably given to them by Travelers (earth humans) to distinguish Aereth’s indigenous humans from themselves. The Murians’ ancestors were a gentle and shy lemur-like primate that dwelled in the forests on the southernmost continent, Lemuria. Other species of these creatures still haunt the forests and mountains in modern times. They are generally known as the Spirits of the Forest.

Note: Murians (Aereth’s indigenous human species) evolved from a lemur-like primate in lands of the on the continent of Lemuria. In modern times, Murians are virtually indistinguishable from Earth humans (Travelers). They can interbreed and produce viable offspring with most other biped species. There are, however, minute differences in the DNA that allow the offspring of Travelers and Murians to form connections to the Ley from birth. Despite this, not all Travelers or Murians will be magical.

Species: Sifakas Lemurias


Human: If Aereth had the technology to test DNA, Murians would be virtually indistinguishable from that of homo sapiens.

Ethnicity: This varies from culture to culture and, like on Earth, ranges from white, bronze, black, and other variations.


Each race, culture, nation and faction of Murians have their own basis. Generally speaking, we just needed an indigenous human race for Aereth.


Average Lifespan: 100-120 years


Aereth’s plants and animals are substantially higher in nutrients than their counterparts on Earth. This, along with the magical influence of the Ley, provides a natural extension of Murian lifespans. Many diseases and the infirmities associated with extreme old age are mitigated as well.

An added benefit of being indigenous to Aereth is the access to Healers (the Airmid). When a healer treats a person for illness or injury, part of the process triggers a reset on the cellular level by regenerating a cell’s telomeres. This can substantially extend a person’s lifespan beyond the average depending on how often they require a healer’s services.

Note: Healers are not always available in every society. Regular physicians do not have magical healing gifts.

Joining the Morrighan will also increase a human’s lifespan indefinitely since forming a bond with a Ddraig (dragon) imparts life enhancing energy.


Average human appearance with variations depending on specific ethnicity.


Magical Race or Species?

Varies for Individuals: Some individuals or factions might have arcane gifts. Also, some bloodlines might carry magical abilities such as some form of clairvoyance, prophecy, etc.


Murians are generally considered to be Lightborn. However, they are also viewed as easier to corrupt. There are likely Murian factions or families and clans that are all loyal to Tar’garath and Lord Baara.

Magical Abilities

These vary based on the information found in Aereth and Magic.


These vary on a case-by-case basis.

Magical Views

Varies based on the individual’s culture and life experiences. Some Murians loathe and fear magic while others embrace it.


Just as it does on Earth, Murian culture varies widely. You will need the documentation on the specific race and culture for these details.