Travelers (Earth Humans)


There are documented instances of mysterious disappearances from all over Earth. These reports are not just from Earth’s modern times, but from throughout history as well. The most famous, of course, is the Bermuda Triangle, also called the Devil’s Triangle, where people, boats, ships, and even airplanes are said to have disappeared without a trace.

Travelers are meant to be used by people that want to join Aereth and then ease into learning its lore. This is a temporary shortcut not a get out of reading the lore free card. The character can learn some things after their arrival, but the Admin are going to ask that the players read the lore on the people that their Traveler winds up living with.

Aereth’s Admin loathes character limits of any kind. However, in the case of Travelers, we ask that each Player limit themselves to just one. This does not apply to Admins as they might need an NPC Traveler for storytelling purposes.


Race Name


Species Name

Homo Sapiens


Earth Human: Humans are the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina. Together with chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, they are part of the family Hominidae (the great apes, or hominids). A terrestrial animal, humans are characterized by their erect posture and bipedal locomotion; high manual dexterity and heavy tool use compared to other animals; open-ended and complex language use compared to other animal communications; larger, more complex brains than other animals; and highly advanced and organized societies. Travelers can interbreed with most of Aereth’s bipedal species and produce viable offspring.

Travelers are genetically compatible with most of Aereth’s biped species (Gwerin, Wyr, Murians, etc.).


Travelers are Earth humans that become trapped in Aereth’s ancient transient portals or gateways. There are some limits on these characters, so please read this document carefully before deciding on creating a Traveler.


Average Lifespan

100 years


During the process of being transported to Aereth, subtle alterations are made to the human body. That, along with magical influence and substantially higher nutrients in Aereth’s food, extend a human’s average lifespan. Many diseases and the infirmities associated with extreme old age are mitigated as well.

An added benefit of being transported to Aereth is the access to Healers (the Airmid). When a healer treats a person for illness or injury, part of the process triggers a reset on the cellular level by regenerating a cell’s telomeres. This can substantially extend a person’s lifespan beyond the average depending on how often they require a healer’s services.

Note: Healers are not always available in every society. Regular physicians do not have magical healing gifts.

Joining the Morrighan will also increase a human’s lifespan indefinitely since forming a bond with a Ddraig (dragon) imparts life enhancing energy.


This is based on their Earth ethnicity and should be detailed individually for each Traveler character.


Magical Race or Species?

Not universally. Some Travelers will develop magical abilities after acclimating to Aereth. 


Travelers become affiliated with Lightborn, Shadow-Touched, or the Grayborn based on their tendencies on Earth. If they were an evil person on Earth, they will likely attract the Shadow on Aereth.

Magical Abilities

Travelers can develop magical abilities after residing on Aereth long enough to become acclimatized and connected to the Ley. Their abilities would be dictated by the information found in the Aereth and Magic document.


This is based on the individual’s magical abilities and is determined on a character-by-character basis.

Magical Views

Many Travelers will take their views on magic and magic-users based on when and where they were born on Earth and what culture they wind up living with on Aereth. As with all things, views can change over time.


Population Numbers

Unknown. Not all Travelers are found immediately and manage to blend with whatever culture they ally with.


This is determined on a character-by-character basis. Most Travelers wind up being adopted by or blending in with a culture on Aereth that they are comfortable with.


They follow the governance of whichever nation they reside in.

Social Hierarchy

Based on the culture they reside with.

Customs & Beliefs

Publicly, they likely follow the customs and beliefs of their adopted culture. Privately, they may still adhere to their native beliefs. Some Travelers have actually managed to influence the belief systems of their adopted people.


Based on the culture they reside with.

Death & Death Rituals

Based on the culture they reside with.

Creating a Traveler

Skills and Powers

Before creating a character that was a nuclear physicist on Earth, remember that those skills will not translate to doing the same work on the world of Aereth. Travelers will not be able to teach Aereth’s inhabitants how to make guns and gunpowder or create a nuclear power plant. Aereth’s Laws of Physics are subject to Aereth’s Laws of Magic. The Arcane Light does not allow the physics to work properly for the creation of advanced technologies. Besides, who needs it when there is magic?

There are Wights (Aereth’s humans, homo aerethis) with arcane abilities, if you want to explore that potential, the Admin will work with you on it. However, the main focus on a Traveler should be what they bring to Aereth, what in their nature made Aereth choose them?

A Traveler may, after some time on Aereth, acquire magical abilities. For example, a gifted physician on Earth that is transported to Aereth may find that they can heal wounds and illnesses after living there for a few months. They will still need training! There is a Healers’ Guild (Guild of Airmid), and there is also the Green Valley where a mysterious race lives. Their healers are world-renowned for their abilities.

There are still a plethora of skills and abilities that an Earth human can bring to Aereth and her people.


A Traveler from Earth’s modern times will be faced with primitive living conditions. There is no central heating and air conditioning, running water is iffy, no mobile phones or computers, no electric lighting, no guns, and no nuclear weapons. Prior to making your character, consider what they know in terms of survival. Have they ever built an outdoor fire? Do they know anything at all about edible plants? Can they hunt? What skills do they have to support themselves now that they are far away from home?

This is not to say that a character without such knowledge is instant wyvern fodder. A well-versed student of Earth literature or history (a ‘la Daniel Jackson of Stargate fame) who is very verbose and articulate might make it as a fascinating storyteller or even put to use a skill he has learned in the classroom. 

Consider what your character can do, what skills will be useful for them on Aereth, and how can they apply those. How do they fit into the range of core characters we have? Meaning: how can they be integrated into the main story? 

Over the Rainbow

Unlike Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, once a Traveler arrives on Aereth, there is no going home again so you can stop tapping the heels of your ruby slippers together. Aereth is their new home, and they need to make peace regarding that within a reasonable amount of game time! The portals that bring people to Aereth are transient and damaged. They are remnants of Tuatha Dé Danann magic. In fact, a portal might open and drop a person in a certain cylch and never open there again. Or, that cylch might have become known to bring Travelers to Aereth for the last one hundred years.

Does this mean that your character cannot make finding a way home their mission priority initially? Absolutely not! It is only logical that someone in that circumstance would continue to look for the chance to return home, but sooner or later, they need to integrate and make a new life for themselves.

That Gnome’s Machine

Advanced technology, no matter what kind, will be lost during the transfer to Aereth. All tech, from watches to personal computers, will be gone. It cannot be recreated on Aereth since it rejects anything not based on her laws of physics and magic. No lightsaber, no mobile phone, and no battery-powered torch will make it through.

You also need to make sure your character is wearing all-natural cotton, linen, silk or some other material made from plants or animals and not infused with synthetic fibers or they are not only going to be sans their cell phone, but they’ll be butt-naked as well! Work with this, it could be quite humorous!

Some tech that might survive: antique pocket watches made of pure gold, antique knives, and bladed weapons not forged from modern steel, natural acupuncture needles (porcupine quills), perhaps antique surgical and medical instruments (Aereth has telescopes and microscopes). Basically, if it can be shown to not be mass-produced and manufactured in the industrial age, the Admin will consider it. However, any item sufficiently old enough to meet our standards likely already exists on Aereth.

Aereth and Travelers

Most people on Aereth know that Travelers exist although few will know them by that term. Other names for Travelers: The Strangers, Traveling Folk, and Sassenach (outlander in the Gwerin’s old tongue).

Most people have never met a traveler personally, but almost all will have heard tales of the odd person appearing in some area that claims to be from another world. A majority of people believe that Travelers are nothing more than the fanciful storytelling of some bards even though it is accepted that Aereth’s henges have magical properties.

Traveling to Aereth

For a person to arrive on Aereth as a Traveler, they need to be somewhere on Earth that a malfunctioning gate or portal can connect with. Think of the Outlander’s stone circle, Craig na Dun, and you get the idea. Arrival on Aereth is almost always into one of the faencylch (safe circles) or a banecylch (a not-so-safe circle). Cylchs are great stone circles that grew from deep within Aereth. Cylchs might look like a version of Stonehenge, but nothing on Aereth will ever be able to dig one up and move it. There are some ancient cylchs with toppled stones (the fallen ones will appear broken along their bottom edge).

No matter where they started out, they will arrive in a cylch (either still standing or the ruins of one) on Aereth (think of varying sizes of Stonehenge). These stone circles are always set on the top of a mound or hillock. The hillock or mound may have eroded away, but it was there when Aereth created the cylch. The larger ones might have circles that surround it as well. There is almost always a natural fountain or spring at the apex of the hill or mound. For the safe havens, the stones are blue granite and emit a pale blue glow. There is a palpable feeling of great age and power around these places as well as a sense of peace and safety. Faencylchs are revered by most people as they seem to be a gift of Erais, the Arcane Light, for protection against the dark things that roam Aereth’s surface.

But, Traveler beware! There are also Dark Cylchs…traps for the unwary. Though Aereth has created these standing stone circles as a safe haven, so has the Shadowed One created stone circles that are shadow trapped. Banecylchs usually have basic gray stones, sometimes darker, but black is rare. Instead of emitting light, they seem to have a sullen glow about them. Drinking from the wellspring at the top of its hill will bind the unwary to the Shadowed One, and his creatures usually lurk nearby ready to pounce on the unwary.

Summary: Faencylch = safe, Banecylch = not safe and potentially Shadow Trapped (this is bad).

Time Travelers?

Travelers can be from any of Earth’s historical time periods and up to five years in the future of our current real-world year. For example, if our real-world year is 2020, then your Traveler can be from any time period up to 2025. However, they must be modern humans (homo sapiens). We will not accept any of the other hominid species. 

Aereth the Lorelei

Another theme you need to consider when creating a Traveler is why they were sent to Aereth. Given that these portals exist and likely open in a myriad of historical periods, what mechanism sent this particular person to this particular world? What about Aereth is going to appeal to your character’s inner self, maybe something they were not even aware of?

So, why was your character pulled to Aereth instead of somewhere else?

Mandatory Reading

Before creating your character, you should read the lore in the World Knowledge category. You should also read the lore on whichever race/species that your Traveler takes up residence with.