Blessings and Potentia

Blessings and Potentia

Blessings still are a staple of religious powers in Aquitaine, attained through Seeker or Templar testings, they engrave some type of talent on the person undergoing the trial. Submission to those powers is key to surviving the process. These days, the Blessings are almost all that is left of Cal’dyras secrets of power.

Potentia was a much more powerful form of Blessing used in Cal’dyra. They were created usually through the use of a small shard of arcane crystal or arcane amber, which the original maker would carry with him for most of his life, letting his own powers seep into the material, charge it. Upon his death, that shard would be taken by blessed Maker and shaped into a Potentium.

Potentia are not random blessings; each potentium has a defined form, strength, and type of power. They could not be attained through trials, but knowing bestowed on someone strong enough to carry them and link his own powers to the potentium. A Potentium carried and passed on by many would grow stronger and stronger with each bearer. Potentia also has a physical aspect, they manifest their powers through a physical item, though they are no item. Meaning: a potentium shaped to be a Sun Disk and protect the wearer against evil powers will always need an amulet of sorts to manifest its powers through. When the wearer dies, the potentium would still be linked to the amulet used, until a new wielder would take it, upon which the old amulet would dissolve, the potentium link to the new bearer, who’d, in turn, need an amulet for the power to work through.

Most potentia remain lost, since Cal’dyra was destroyed, the knowledge of their making lost, except maybe to Siege Amaranth. But some legendary potentia still exist or haunt the stories of the people.


Sign of Office of the High Templar of Cal’dyra, this potentium was borne by 23 High Templars before the fall and considered very powerful indeed. It manifested through the sword those Templar wielded, leading to the erroneous legend that Dawnbreaker indeed IS a sword.

Dawnbreaker vanished within hundred years of the founding of Aquitaine and was almost found by Templar Knight León Matar, who was murdered before he could finish his search.

Leon Matar’s body was found Novice Virdaín of Coldshade Heights during a series of mysterious events in Towers of Storm. During these events, the sword believed to be Dawnbreaker vanish. Templar records and Black Order records on who touched the blade before it’s vanishing are contradictory.

Dawnbreaker’s powers are said to be combative, though no clear record exists.

The Eyes of Gold

Potentium made by a group of faithful magisters in Cal’dyra to see, scry and understand. It is one of the very few potentia that works not through an item, but through the body of its bearer, the power channeled through his eyes, coloring them golden.

The last trace of the golden eyes is ironically in the war of the amber islands, as many Wyr will remember a foreign armorer and sword-smith with golden eyes, working powerful weapons for them. That smith by the name Ardán vanished in the events that led to the Wyr Exodus, yet a Master Ardán appears in the records of the Swordsmith Guild of Tynar Darzûr. He died several hundred years ago.

The Sundial

A potentium of unclear origin, maybe one of the oldest out of Cal’dyra working through an amulet, to bring light to places of darkness, legendary spreading a light so powerful that it would destroy minor undead simply by being exposed.

The Sundial appears here and there in history to be lost again, but legend places it somewhere in Nordheim.