The Wyr are shapeshifters, having one human form and one animal form. Both forms are present at birth and are inherited from their parents. Meaning that no Wyr ever chooses his animal form. They are born with it and usually begin shapeshifting within days of their birth. To them, shapeshifting is as natural as breathing. Shapes range from mammals to birds, no lizards, or fishes.

The Wyr love the wilds and are at home there but easily blend in with civilized societies

Wyr rarely seek strife with others, but will fight to protect themselves and others, and fight with little to no regrets.

No. The Wyr are wanderers and have settled in many lands although the heaviest concentration is currently in Cader Idris / Caer Draenár.

Caer Draenár is located on the continent of Vendia on its western coast. It is a mountainous peninsula that lies between the dragons' homeland of Bassilith and Tynar-Dazûr.

The Wyr are genetically compatible with most of the human and human-like races (Gwerin, Dwarrow, Sedayin, Murians, and Travelers). They are not genetically compatible with the dragons and, remember, the dragons can and will only mate with their own kind. Wyr cannot interbreed with true animal species of any kind, and no sane Wyr would attempt to mate with an animal.

The Wyr are sensitive to the waxing and waning of the moons, but their second shape is not influenced by that. They do like to run through the hills during the full moon nights.

  • The Wyr have only one animal shape, do not usually live as animals, and are citizens of many nations.
  • Wyr are very loyal and will stick with their friends no matter where they made them.
  • Wyr have several cultures, but it takes a scholar to cite the details of those.
  • Wyr do not write books. Their history is recorded in songs and stories.
  • Wyr are usually multilingual, speaking their own tongue and the tongues of the region they live in.

For more information, read the Wyr (Shapeshifters) document.