Aelfyn Basics

Playable?: Yes

At a Glance

The Sedayin (aka Aelfyn) are one of the old races of the world, born from Light and dream, younger than the Ddraig, older than the dwarrow. They wandered, grew, built realms and saw them fall, long before the younger races began to shape the world. Deeply attuned to the echoes of the world in all her shades Sedayin exist in many “folks”, splinters of their once powerful race.

Race Name(s)

  • Aelfyn: Name often used by the Dwarrow, Vanir, and Gwerin. General name used by other races.
  • Sedayin (meaning: “Kin”): term describing all races of their kind, name of the species in general and not naming one of their nations especially.
  • Elf-Kind: Name used by some races of Men

The Folk (Aelfyn Races)

  • Caldurai (the Moon-Folk)
  • Arytar (the Frost-Folk)
  • Elcarain (the Woodlands-Folk)
  • Lervallaine (The Sun-Folk)
  • Sheantyar (The Sea-Folk)
  • Valantar (The Ash-Folk): Extinct


Human-Like: The Aelfyn are genetically compatible with almost all of the biped human and human-like races on Aereth. However, before creating a hybrid, Sedayin + Gwerin for example, read the documents on Aelfyn customs and beliefs.


A wild mix of elves/Aelfyn from several sources, including Tolkien and DSA.

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