Aelfyn Culture

Social Hierarchy

While the Sedayin lands are shaped in a web of Kingdoms with a High King at its head and do have a noble class, the position in society is more defined by what society or group a particular person belongs to. Respect is earned and given, wisdom generates greater respect than warlike prowess, and Sheantyar care not about any of it at all.

Warrior Societies

The Riante

The Hunters of the Fallen Star are a Ranger-Style force of fighters, utilizing sword and bow, along with minor spellwork that allows them to hide and merge with shadows.

The Riante seek fighters willing to work alone, take grave risks, and do almost anything in fighting the Shadowborn, even adopting the Shadow’s methods to some extent.

The Alvari

The Lances of a Vanished Moon are the cavalry of the Aelfyn. Only they do not ride horses, they ride gryphons. In addition to their other skills, they can bond closely with the gryphons.

Both the Alvari and the Riante only recruit the very best of the Sedayin warriors.

The Tarai’cane

The Sword that Cleaves the Shadow. Tarai’cane mix sword and magic for dangerous effects. While they are not mages by any stretch of the imagination, but they make use of their limited skill well enough.

Becoming Tarai’cane demands a variety of warrior skills, great courage, and a fully opened arcane talent of useful to great strength. Still, every initiate must survive the Trial of Darkness, those who fail will die, and even some who pass do not survive.

The Fae-Dar

Literally means “those who were Fae.” The Sedayin Knighthood, comprised of their most prolific fighters against the Goddess of Shadows and her Shadowborn.


Dawn of Hope are the warrior-healers who accompany Sedayin fighters into the darkest places of the world. Trained to use the sword to protect themselves and those they trust, they are powerful arcane healers. They are the ones who venture into battle to keep their comrades alive.

Like the Sairaelda, they can use their powers to heal others, only they can take it one step further – transferring their own life-essence to the patient they heal. Normally, this might simply strain the healer to the point of collapse. However, prolonged use of the Ciridari’s powers can visibly age them within minutes. Many Ciridari die young. And in the last, extreme use of this power, a Ciridari may give up all his or her life-force to replenish another – dying instantly as the last drop of their spirit and power goes into the patient.

The Isdiria

The Isdiria (Healing Hands and Healers of Turani’s Blessing) are both a religious society and a healing society. They follow their own code of law, refer apprentices to one another, and come to the aid of others when needed. They do not venture into fights or battles, nor do they give battlefield aid, except when their King calls them to assist his armies. Outside of that provision, battlefield aid falls to the Ciridari.


The Wise of the Woods are Sedayin with expert knowledge of healing, of plants, and of the illnesses of the flesh.


Arcane Healers can use their own energies to reinforce the healing process in another being. Sairaelda can work true miracles, keeping people alive who should have died. They can also heal wounds that ordinarily would not heal. The process puts a tremendous strain on the Sairaelda; regular use of these abilities will weaken the Fea, and if the healer is not given time to recover, the Sedayin might begin to physically fade.

Religious Societies

The Golgarites

Also known as the Knights of Baranor (God of Death and Sleep) protects the temples and burial grounds. They fight necromancers and any other person disturbing the rest of the dead. The Knights guard against the desecration of the deceased. Last, but far from the least, they fight against the Shadowborn since it reanimates corpses for its armies (the Endless Host).

Other Societies

The Weavers

Sedayin of moderate arcane talent have dreams that may show them things yet to come, events yet to unfold. It takes a lifetime to learn how to sort through them, to understand important from unimportant and near from far. The sense that a dream is close to coming true can guide a Sedayin into acting, or trying to act. Among their own kind, the strongest Dreamers, known as Seers, are sought out by people in need of advice. These Seers can make themselves dream about a person, but if it is of any help with the question at hand is uncertain.

The Spinners

These scholars are knowledgable in history, lore, and many obscure subjects. They are among the most learned people of all races. Their lives are dedicated to finding and preserving knowledge. The Spinners maintain vast libraries of knowledge old and new, Sedayin or foreign.

The Shapers

Arcane Singers that can make plants grow, shape the land, make trees grow into each other to form bowers, change the nature of land if singing to it long enough. Shapers can heal a cursed forest, or turn it into a place that hates all of the biped races.


The Festival of the Vanished Moon

Elani’s passing is a great, if sad festival, recurring every twelve years. It is celebrated by all the populace seeking out the Temples of the Three, to attain a flame and light thousands of Lights out in the ice, in remembrance.

The Hunt for the Moon

Every twelve years when Elani’s passing nears, the Captain of the Silver (Head of the Knighthood) will call forth a “Hunt for the Moon” – a search for Elani’s physical traces, fragments of her shattered body. Which actually is a hunt for Shards of the Ley. Warriors wishing to enter a warrior society will enter the hunt, as well as adventurous Sedayin of all kinds. Bringing home a fragment is a step in gaining respect and increasing one’s reputation.

Renewing the Tree

One of the three Yg’dranár (Saplings of the World Tree) stands in Altyr Darasmai. It is the oldest surviving sapling and the frailest. At each feast of the Ciar’s Darkening, thousands of Sedayin from all over the land assemble at the tree, along with as many Tree-Singers as can be found, to share their strength with the tree, thus helping sustain it.


The Sedayin believe that Yg’dranar’s (Sapling of the World Tree) eldest sapling, Yg’draile, grew in Simyala and linked their spirit to the eternal world. As long as Yg’draile endured their race was much longer-lived, some even where immortal, as their fea would not tire. But when the Battle of the Clouds was lost, and Simyala razed, Yg’draile burned in black flames, and the fea of all Sedayin was weakened. Fae-Knight Lir of the Raven’s Perch fought his way back into the ruins of Simyala as it was still occupied by the Undead of the Endless Host and managed to rescue one silver nut of Yg’dranar, which was later planted in Altyr Darasmai to grow into Yg’dranar.

The Journey of the Sun

Solstices and equinoxes are celebrated by the Sun Folk, as the Kalior’s eternal journey to enlighten the world.


All important events of Sedayin history are celebrated in Chyra’Alaya, be they good or bad, tragic or glorious. Be it the Fall of Simyala or the Defeat of the Heptarchy.

The Golden Well

Chyra’ Alaya is the one Sedayin Kingdom without a sapling of Yg’draile. Instead, in their land, is the oldest surviving arcane well, Iluria, the Well of Golden Light. Great Sacrifices were made to bring the Well through the Dark Times and through the Year of Fire. All Sedayin wishing to fully unlock their arcane powers must travel to Chyra’Alaya at least once to join the Well.

Celebrating the Light

At Midsummer each year, the Elcarain carry their silvery sphere-flames to twelve hill-tops in Elderwood to light the watch-fires. In eternal memory that all it takes is a spark to drive the darkness away and to remember to stand watch against the Night Eternal.


The great autumn festivals of Elderwood are a legend in and outside of the woodlands realm. Many a story is told about strangers stumbling into the grand celebrations held in the autumnal woodlands.

Notable Persons/Houses

Eldarion of the Silver Bow

Captain of the Silver, leader of the Fae-Dar. The dark-haired moon-elf rose from the ranks of the Riante and attained Knighthood for his exceptional bravery in battling the Scourge of Elderwood. He is a common sight in the city, conferring with the Heads of the Warrior societies and with Larchanar, the Captain-General of the King’s Armies.

Larchanar Stormrider

Captain-General of the King’s Armies. The golden-haired sun-folk warrior is an Alvari, a Gryphon-Rider. He was offered induction into the Fae-Dar three times but refused, as his main duties lay with his King and not with the Knighthood.

Aelia Turialis Greensong

The Woodlands-Daughter with her fiery red hair is the Guardian of the Unicorn, the Head Priestess of the Turani in Altyr Darasmai. She is a very accomplished healer and highly respected by people high and low alike.