Aelfyn Genetics

Average Lifespan

  • Varies by Individual

To understand the Aelfyn lifespan, one must first understand Aelfyn nature. The dominant part of the existence of any Sedayin is not the body – it is the spirit, which they call Fea (means: the Song). If the Song is strong and healthy, the Ari (body) will flourish, but if the Fea suffers and loses strength, the body will wither and fade. A Sedayin might live to be 2500 years old or die as young as 100 years of age, depending on that rule.

The Fea may be weakened by many things, sorrow, suffering, longing for things that cannot be, unrequited love, but also: dark magic, dark presences, senseless killing, cruelty, hatred, jealousy and last but not least: too much strain on one’s own magic. Sedayin using their magic extensively shorten their own lifespan in doing so. For their healers, this is a matter of course.


The Aelfyn are a long-lived people, and while apparently fragile, they are immune to many diseases and plagues that scour the world. Sickness from exposure to dirt and germs is virtually unknown to them. Yet, their spirit and body share a much different bond than it does with other races, the state of their spirit reflects quite keenly in the state of their body. Sorrow, deep loss, or harrowing depression can age a Sedayin within short weeks, cruelty or dark misdeeds with leave marks upon their body, and long deprivation of the soul leaves their body withering.


The Aelfyn tend to be light-built and slender, some of their kind can be quite tall, others remain smaller. All of them share the trait that they have lighter frames and considerably less muscle and body-tissue than Murians (Menfolk), hence their often fragile appearance. Males do not have the strong muscles or torso that other races sport, nor do females have the same feminine figure, with both these traits are very much subdued. Aelfyn have delicate upswept ears and slanted eyes that tend to be a tad larger than those of humans. Aelfyn have no body hair, nor do they sweat in the same way humans do.

Folk (Race) Specifics


  • Woodlands-Folk

Generally, Elcarain are shorter than humans, averaging 5’5″ in height for both genders. 5’7″ is exceptionally tall among them. They are very agile, swift, and move like the wind through the deep underbrush of their forests. 

The Elcarain tend to have hair colors that reflect the forests of autumn: golden reds, russets, deep dark reds, some golden browns are the typical colors of their hair. Their eyes come in almost all shades of green and gold. 

Among the Elcarain, pointed ears are more common; there are only a few of them that came into the dark dream of the world.


  • Moon-Folk

The Caldurai, also known as the Moon-Folk, tend to be smaller than other races, averaging between 5’6″ and 5’8″ for both genders. Caldurai have hair as dark as night behind their mother-moon. Ranging from blue-ish blacks to true black, with cool silvery eyes. Caldurai move like wisps through the night, often seeming to merge with their surroundings, hard to spot in the dark.

Among the Moon-Folk, the mix of people with pointed ears and “rose-ears” (rounded) is fairly even.


  • Sun-Folk

The Lervallaine (Sun-Folk) belong to the taller tribes of the Sedayin, averaging between 5’9″ and 6’2″ for both genders. The Lervallaine have hair in all shades of the Light of the Sun. Hair colors range from white-blond, platinum to deep dark gold, all shades are present. Their eyes are blue or green, sometimes golden. The ratio between pointed eared and rose-eared is about 60:40.

Star Walkers (Taiosán): The Taiosán are the legendary first Sedayin, the first to enter the dark dream of the world. Their numbers are small, and the Sedayin believe, that the Taiosán are reincarnated and sent back to the world in times of need. Taiosán are very tall, 6 feet upwards, stronger of build than other Sedayin, and have white to golden hair with fierce blue eyes. They are all “rose-eared”.


  • Sea-Folk

Sea-Folk are very tall and among the most long-limbed and slender of their race. They average around 6 feet for both genders. Sea-Folk have pale to greyish hair often described as “pale as sea-foam” and eyes of all colors of the ocean, ranging from blue and green to grey.

Sheantyar do not know shoes of any kind. In fact, they claim that shoes were an instrument of torture invented by the younger races. No matter how cold the storm, how fierce the gale, Sheantyar feel best when their bare feet can feel the planks beneath them, the water soaking the ground and the chill of the wind against their skin. They do not get sick from such exposure, and will usually not wear any shoes, not even when visiting the Vanir Sea-King or to a formal event. Even to the Crowning of the High King, the entire Sheantyar delegation wore no shoes. Breeches are usually cut off short below or around the knee, to allow freedom of movement and to accommodate contact with the water along the shoreline.


  • Frost-Folk

The Arytar usually range between 5’7″ and 6’2″ in height and are the only Sedayin race with a pronounced difference between genders. Females range from 5’7″ to 5’9″ in height. Males, on average, range between 5’9″ and 6’2″. Arytar have white to silvery hair, like the snows of their icy homelands. Their eyes range through all shades of blue and violet.