Aelfyn Homelands



Other Names

  • The High Kingdom of Silyadrasil
  • The Sedayin Crown
  • The Kingdom of the Aelfyn

Official Language(s)

  • Seyal’ee: The common tongue of the Sedayin, as each Sedayin nation has its own tongue, this is the lingua franca
  • Drukâr: For communication with other races, the Sedayin often use the dwarven trade language.

Geography & Geology

Size & Location

The Sedayin High Kingdom is not one landmass. It consists of several realms in different parts of the world that consider themselves part of the Silyadrasil.


  • Elderwood: Northern temperate
  • Hills of the Wind: Southern temperate
  • Saramagenta Mountains: Northern temperate
  • Arclight Harbor: Northern Oceanic to Subarctic
  • Altyr Darasmai: High alpine.


  • Elderwood: Woodlands spreading from the mountains along the River Running.
  • Hills of the Wind: Rolling, lightly wooded hills, lots of lakes.
  • Saramagenta Mountains: Rugged, wooded mountains
  • Arclight Harbor: Northern coast and islands.
  • Altyr Darasmai – High Altitude in the Mountains of Tynar Darzûr

Population Centers

The Woodlands Realm

The Kingdom of Elderwood was founded about 210 UF, with the Elcarin, the Woodland Folk, spreading out from the Mountains into the vast forests along the River Running.

The mighty woodlands are the home and heart of what may be the most original form of the Sedayin culture, close to nature, the forests and wild mountains, in tune with the eternal change of nature, the culture of Rangers, and Healers who guard and serve Turani’s Wells. Tending to the land, taking great care of the sapling of Yg’draile that grows at the heart of Turani’s wells, and keeping watch for the Shadow’s return is at the heart of the Elcarain’s culture.

The scars of the ancient conflict run deep in Elderwood as places like the Black Ravine of old, or Draganar Province of Younger Days show impressively, and in spite of their strong commitment to healing the world of the dark scars, the Elcarain know that they have to be eternally watchful, for the Darkness will return.

Caras Galadhorn

The capital of Elderwood is a city like none other in the world, for it is built into the very trees of the Elcarain homeland. Graceful buildings of bright arches and winding stairways climb the trees without harming them. The famous silvery crystal lamps light the city at night like the moon is never sinking in this land.

The capital is the seat of the Elcarin King and the Seat of the Isdira, as well as of the Warrior Society of the Finariel.

Nightmare Without End

In recent history, the Woodlands Realm had a renewed run-in with the darkness.

During the winter, the disappearance of several Sedayin in one of the more remote parts of Elderwood drew the attention of the warrior societies. As some Rangers followed the track all the way back to Draganar Province, the Province of the Golden Leaves. None of the original group survived the venture, only one managed to crawl back to a Ranger outpost – he was aged beyond comprehension, his body exhausted and torn, whispering of things aging inside the province, of time being distorted, of a great sacrilege against the Warden of Time.

The Elcarin sent at once for assistance from the Lervaillaine, as their scholars would know more about the phenomenon itself. The Lervaillaine’s scholars, seers, and mages agreed that time was disrupted within Draganar Province but even worse: Life itself was beginning to be twisted, torn at the edges of creation itself.

While the Sun Folk were able to create several crystal amulets to combat the aging effect of the zone, almost all Sedayin warriors trying to enter the zone collapsed, their bodies unable to withstand the rigors of the area.

With the Sun Folk insisting that the cause of the disruption had to be at the heart of Draganar, where an ancient Sanctum resided on a cross of Ley-Lines, the Elcarine were hit with a problem, as almost none of their warriors could enter as far as mile into the zone without collapsing or dying from exhaustion. They turned to the reigning High King for help.

The High King acted swiftly, not only sending several Tarai’cane (arcane Warriors), among them his own son Aldarion but also taking the step of asking the Dwarrow for assistance, as their warriors were known to be hardy against any rigors of the flesh. King Dargain of Tynar-Darzûr did not hesitate: he sent his two sons to assist, along with his Warmaster, to asses the situation in case a large-scale operation would become necessary.

With the four remaining amulets, Dvalen, Kaelan, Falún, and Aldarion entered Dragnar province and worked their way through the aging land towards the heart of the time-storm. Around them, they found dead Sedayin, grown Sedayin that had been babies at the time of the curse, now grown but empty in mind, and some Sedayin having tried to protect themselves by linking with the land and now aging with the trees and the earth.

Inside the main settlement of Draganar, the four found hints of what was happening in this land:  The Healers of the Sanctum of the Golden Leaves had been used, coerced and tricked into performing a long-forbidden rite, that caused the entire province to age rapidly… the entire land had to age the number of years that one single being was being granted.

The Rite itself was held in the Sanctum. On their way up there, the four had to battle their way past bodies of dead Sedayin returning to unhallowed life, creatures of Shadow. All the while, the strain of this land ate at them, even as the amulets prevented them from aging like everyone else around them.

Under great risks, the four managed to disrupt the ritual, even as the main culprit escaped, but ere it was all over they saw or felt a being, called forth from the Wastelands of Time and fading through them, as its spirit slunk away.

With the Ritual halted, the aging effect on the zone was ended though the land remained deformed. King Aikanaro was more than grateful for the four fighters who had risked so much to protect Elderwood.

The Scourge of Elderwood

The Events of Draganar were not the end, rather they were a dark beginning. While the Aging was Ended, the entire Draganar Province was converted into a darkened land, full of vile creatures and black beings. Only with time, the Sedayin realized that parts of the Unending Host, long destroyed in eons past, had reawakened in the aged and tormented earth. Undead creatures, dark things haunt the land, eating at living flesh as well as nightmares.

The Saramanta Mountains

It is said that the River of the Golden Saramaganta runs through these mountains, right from the well of the three Moons to Lake Eshamere. The Waters are the pure spring of Moons… that is why all the Aelfyn are sorcerers.

The Mountains of the Salamander

The Saramaganta Mountains are the oldest Kingdom of the Sedayin, founded in 2 UC, it was the place where the survivors sheltered after arriving in Vendia. The Kingdom was named in memory of one of their lost kingdoms.

The Saramaganta Mountains harbor much of the ancient culture of the High-Sedayin, from the time of the first Kingdom. The Moonfolk shares the link to nature all Sedayin have but does not embrace nature like their woodland brethren do; in fact, they do exercise control over nature that often fills the Elcarin with unease. Intelligent and knowledgeable in the old ways arcane, the Moonfolk has no use for the Sunfolk’s scholarliness, often asking what use the things they debate have in the end. The Moonfolk harbors much knowledge of their ancient ways in the arcane, things that only the Frostfolk may freely understand. While they follow the general ways of Sedayin beliefs, the Caldurai consider themselves closest to Elcani, the Vanished Moon Goddess.

The Hills of the Whispering Wind

Founded in 340 UF, the Hills of the Wind became the Home of the Sun-Folk and the small number of Starwalkers living with them. The founding had long been coming, but only when the Sun Folk reached sufficient numbers, they began settling the hills.

If Chyra’Alaya is anything, it is a center of knowledge and wisdom, the Keepers of the Knowledge, the Scholars of Sedayin History, the Circle of Secrets are all at home in the Kingdom of the Sunfolk. Chyra’Alaya is a learned society where scholarly erudition is valued, knowledge is gathered, and the public library is considered an important place of social life. That is not to say that all Lervallaine are bookworms, they can be powerful warriors as well, and would be quick to point out, that one of their numbers is indeed Captain-General of the High King’s Armies. But warriors are the clear minority among their kind, though their path is respected as is any other.

The Grand Library, also home of the Society of the Keepers of Knowledge, resides at the heart of Chyra’Alaya’s capital city, and at all times, the white-robed Keepers can be seen in a debate with the grey-clad scholars of the Circle of Secrets. Chyra’Alaya has arguably the greatest density of scribes, the book trade, book copyist,s and outside of the world.

Arclight Harbor

Oh, what is a woman that you forsake her,

And the home fire, and the home acre,

To go with the old grey widowmaker.

Sheantyar culture varies greatly from that of the other Sedayin, they do not quite follow the same religious beliefs, are much less segregated than most of their brethren, and if they have a link to nature, it is a link to the sea. The Sheantyar interact more with other races, especially Menfolk, than any other Sedayin tribe. Their sea-going ways, entering strange ports, even allowing foreign ships to enter Arclight harbor has shaped a culture that is much less shy about strangers. While the Sheantyar too will oppose the darkness when it comes their way, they are less keen in seeking the darkness out to fight it. “If the Lord of Shadows were to fall, another being would rise in his place. The world needs a night, as much as the seas need their storms.” Is their view on the matter. As such, they are also less worried about other races playing with dangerous magicks, they might warn a specific person if they see the concrete danger the person is in, but care nothing for generalized warnings or forbidding anyone to chart their own course on the sea of fate.

Arclight Harbor is what the name indicates: a harbor, a port, the home of many ships, explorers, and traders alike. Many Sheantyar come and go, ships are built and repaired, and those who actually live ashore are also deeply involved in the ways of the sea. High above the cliffs stands the Tower of the Stars, the home of the guild of the Navigators. All knowledge that the Sheantyar could gather on coasts near and far is archived there. And any captain having discovered a new piece of land will bring maps of it, to the Tower of the Stars. The Tower also holds archived knowledge on wind-patterns, sea currents, and other phenomena.

The Sheantyar often interact with the Vanir, who are their direct neighbors, and while many Vanir are somewhat shy to come to Fae Port, as they call Arclight, they do allow Sheantyar into their settlements openly. To the Vanir, the Sheantyar are NOT Sedayin – they will dispute any claim that the Sea Folk are Sedayin – but the Sea Folk, children of the Great Lady, and linked to the Ocean much like themselves.

Where other Sedayin avoid interactions with the other races to not hurt or harm their Fea by experiencing the cruelty of the world, the Sheantyar take those hurts as part of living. “Those who love the world, must love it wholly, with all the pains and losses it will bring.” While that leads to some of them tiring early, or their fea becoming weary, those Sheantyar return to the sea and thusly home. Such loss is not regarded as the same kind of tragedy as among Sedayin races.

The Inner Land

Sheantyar dislike leaving the Seas, they detest traveling deeper into the inland, they abhor the idea of leaving the ocean for longer than absolutely necessary. When they have business inland, they travel as fast as they can, get it done and return to their ships. A Sheantyar forced to remain far from the sea for any prolonged time, will get homesick, suffer bouts of a dark mood, and be unable to use his arcane powers at all. To Sheantyar, only saltwater is “real” water, they do not hold with the Inland Sea or River Ships.

The delegation sent to the Crowning of the High King (or to any event at the High King’s Court) makes their stay as short as they can. Several hundred leagues away from the next shore is a nightmare to Sheantyar. At the Court of the High King, they have an appointed ambassador from a Frost Folk Clan that lives among them at the coast and who usually handles issues for them.

Altyr Darasmai – The Crown of the Snows

Altyr-Darasmai – meaning Citadel of Eternity – was founded high in the Mountains near Tynar Darzûr. Their closest neighbors are the people of the Reach, and there is a long paved road leading to the stairs of the skies, which lead down to one of the entrances to the dwarrow realm. There are no marked borders separating the two countries. Both races have lived side by side peacefully since they came to the frosty mountains.


Common Races/Species

  • Elcarin (Woodlands-Folk)
  • Caldurai (Moon-Folk)
  • Lervallaine (Sun-Folk)
  • Star Walkers (Taiosán)
  • Sheantyar (Sea-Folk)
  • Artyar (Frost-Folk)

*Percentages strongly depend on the realm in question.

Population Distribution


  • The Caldurai – the Moon-folk – 5%
  • The Arytar – the Frost-folk – 2%
  • The Elcarain – the Woodlands folk – 90%

Saramagenta Mountains

  • The Caldurai – the Moon-folk – 65%
  • The Arytar – the Frost-folk – 15%
  • The Elcarain – the Woodlands folk – 20%
  • The Lervallaine – The Sun-folk – 10%

Hills of the Whispering Winds

  • The Caldurai – the Moon-folk – 15%
  • The Arytar – the Frost-folk – 5 %
  • The Elcarain – the Woodlands folk – 10%
  • The Lervallaine – The Sun-folk – 70 %
  • Only land to find Taiosán.

Arclight Harbour

  • Sheantyar: 99%
  • Other Sedayin races: 1%

Altyr Darasmai

  • The Caldurai – the Moon-folk – 25%
  • The Arytar – the Frost-folk – 50%
  • The Elcarain – the Woodlands folk – 10%
  • The Lervallaine – The Sun-folk – 15%


It differs from realm to realm.

  • Elderwood: Medium
  • Altyr Darasmai: Wealthy (trade with the dwarrow)
  • Arclight Harbour: Wealthy (Overseas trade, trade hob for Vanir loot)
  • Saramagenta Mountains: Medium
  • Whispering Winds: Medium


  • High, excepting Elderwood, which is considered low thanks to the Scourge of Elderwood

Danger to Outsiders

  • Elderwood: High
  • Arclight Harbour: low
  • All others: Medium

Form of Government

Each Sedayin Realm is ruled by a King, who all, in turn, are ruled over by the High King.

Current Ruler

High King Aldarion Blackwing Ralatarmir of the House of the Dreaming Moons.

  • Formal Title: Aldarion Blackwing, Crowned Ralatarmir, High King of the Sedayin, Protector of the Sheylamir, Watcher over the Waves, Shield of the Sun, Blade of the Frost and Warden of the Forest-Lands, He who walks with Dawn, by grace and blessing High King of Simyala.
  • Race: Moon Folk
  • Age: Unknown – It is considered exceedingly rude to speculate on how old the High King might be, or to wonder how long or short he has reigned. Questions and comments of this nature can easily lead to challenges or Duel by many offended Sedayin.

Aldarion is the unusual case of a Tarai’cane on the High Seat. The House of the Dreaming Moons was almost considered to lose the throne when Aldarion’s father, High King Emeralion, died, and his brother Crown Prince Liskanar was killed by remnants of the Black Host. Aldarion surprised his people by returning his brother’s corpse, the Blade of Rule, and a Fragment of the Shattered Moon, upon avenging his slain brother.

Rulers of the Other Sedayin Kingdoms


King Aikanaro Revantar, Warden of the Woodlands, Protector of Turani’s Wells, Watcher of the Seals, Guardian of the Dawn.

Aikanaro is 1600 years old and the oldest ruling Monarch among the Sedayin at this time. He has seen much in his long years, watched the darkness again encroach from the North, tried to ward against it, only to have it strike all the more cruelly against his own lands.

The King has a good, friendly relationship to the newly crowned High King Aldarion, whom he deeply respects for so bravely jumping in to fight the Nightmare without an end. While Aikanor would prefer to live the rest of his life peacefully in his forested homeland, he knows that the world will not wait for him and that the darkness is growing stronger. Since his only son vanished years ago, Aikanaro has deep worries for his own succession, feeling that the time might be here that the High King will have to name another royal house. Yet deep down, he hopes to one day hear what happened to his only son.

Saramaganta Mountains

King Sharanear Lumaris, Warden of the Lost, Guardian of the Moon, Protector of the Ancient Land.

Sharanear is a confident King, someone to lock horns with the High King and insist on the debate, a warrior of rare skill with the sword and a Sedayin of courage when it comes to dangers haunting his land. He had had little interaction with the other races and does not believe this to be a loss of any sort. He has Sedayin on his council whose sole task it is to deal with any foreigners high enough in rank, that the King’s court needs to notice them.

Hills of the Whispering Wind

King Erainur Tirgaon, Warden of Sunset, Protector of the East, Guardian of the Golden Well.

Race: Sun Folk

Erainur is a scholar more than anything else. He is among the foremost students of the ancient lore and well-read into the topics that few other Sedayin dare to study.

Arclight Harbour

King Khalayne Windsinger, Warden of the Ships, Guardian of the North, Harbinger of the Lost.

Khalayne can not always be found in Arclight Harbor, high chances are that people coming there will have to deal with Chancellor Valtaryn first and foremost because it is very likely that the King is out at sea.

Khalayne has forged several useful contacts for his people or kept them in some cases, he is outgoing, open, and usually not what people expect from an Aelfyn King. A respected Sea-Singer in his own right, he is considered blessed by the Gray Lady.



Being the major home of the Arytar and the Seat of the High King makes Altyr Darasmai the heart and center of the Sedayin Warrior Culture, it is the seat of their three great Warrior Societies: the Riante, Tarai’cane, and the Alvari.
Hierarchy and Structure

Each of the Kingdoms has its own hierarchy and internal rule, while matters of the Sedayin as a whole fall under the purview of the High King. Same goes for defence. For outsiders it is often hard to understand how a Sedayin Court really works.

Major Laws

The High King’s law rules the interactions of the Sedayin Realms amongst one another and the interactions with outsiders in general. Internally each realm has its own code of law, which is little known to outsiders because they usually fall under the High King’s law.

Freedom and Oppression

The atmosphere is different in each part of the Realm. If the Hills of Whispering Winds is a land of knowledge and scholarly debate, Arclight Harbour is a bustling port full of strangers, Elderwood is a mysterious realm, and the Saramagenta Mountains are an eerie arcane land.


  • Elderwood: Archers, Rangers, Light Infantry
  • Whispering Winds: Archers, Riders, Arcane Fighters
  • Saramagenta Mountains: Rangers, Archers, Mountain Infantry
  • Altyr Darasmai: Gryphon Riders, Rangers, Arcane Fighters, Fae-Dar
  • Arclight Harbour: Fleet