Vanir Magic

Magical Race or Species?:

Limited: The Vanir as a whole are not considered a magical race. There are individuals with arcane abilities.

Affiliation: Lightborn

Like all races, there are individuals that can be lured into serving Tar’garath.

Magical Abilities


The Vanir are not generally considered an arcane race although there are those amongst them with some magical abilities. The foremost among those are the Sea-Callers. Those born with the gift have an affinity for the oceans and its denizens. To learn their craft, children with the gift will be apprenticed to an experienced Sea-Caller and grow into their art under his tutelage. Sea-Callers are welcomed on most ships, and many steersmen will call it an honor to have one in their crew.

Skills/Specialities: Occasionally there are Vanir children born with the ability to understand the sea in ways beyond what common folk considers normal. They say they can hear the sea sing to them. They understand the moods of the Grey Old Widowmaker in ways that are not easily explained. To the Vanir, the skill is eerie enough as is, but since it is said to be the gift of those whose fathers or mothers came from the deeps of the sea. They respect it as a gift of the ancient gods. A well trained Sea-Caller can call the mists to hide a ship or taste the waters and tell what coast they are approaching. The legendary of their kind were said to have been able to protect a ship during a tempest. Most Sea-Callers work in assisting the steersman in weather predictions, finding a viable path through the gales, and best routes to other lands.

A Sea-Caller may be driven off the ships by many reasons, vengeance, a quest, a promise or seeking for something he can hardly name. Like most Vanir, they are easily involved in any kind of trouble or adventure, though they can be a tad moodier than most Vanir are.

Most Sea-Callers can communicate, or at least understand, the calls of the sea dragons.

Sea Witch

Sea Witches generally have the same range of gifts as a Sea-Caller, but they are born of other races or are half-bloods, the product of a Vanir who has wed into another race. Because of their affinity with the sea, they are highly respected. A Sea Witch can also find water when on land by using whatever tool focuses their energy.

Note: A Sea Witch’s amulet will always be cremated with them or tossed into the sea if they are buried at sea.


“The Mists are heavy tonight, and they are creeping too close. Tell the Steersman that something is afoot.”

“Listen, the Sea sings of the storm to come, she anticipates the winds that will drive her against the stubborn rocks. Harken to her tune, soon we all will dance with her rage.”

“The Green Witch woke in the deeps from her dreams and she will rise in anger if she is not appeased soon.”


These gifts are relatively passive in nature. There are no defined limitations as of yet.

Magical Views

Generally speaking, the Vanir accept the magic-users of the world with equanimity.