Dragon Basics


Because dragons have no correlation to the real world, there is a tremendous amount of information to sift through. To make this easier, the dragon lore documents have been divided into chapters based on the main subject. It is strongly recommended that you eventually read all of the lore provided.

Aereth’s dragons were inspired by Ms. Anne McCaffrey’s wonderful Dragonriders of Pern book series. They took off from there!

Some of the character traits, dragon anatomy, and evolutionary history was provided by the fictional documentary, The Last Dragon. It is available on YouTube.

Who are the Dragons?

Dragons have evolved sentience and intelligence. They serve as an ally to several of the bipedal species and races in the ongoing battle between the Arcane Light and the Shadow on the world of Aereth. They can shapeshift to smaller sizes of their natural dragon-form and to mimic the forms of Morrighan they have been bonded with. Dragons can establish psychic bonds with certain individuals. These individuals usually join the ranks of the Morrighan (Dragonriders), a military organization housed within dragon colonies (sieges).

Aereth’s dragons are homeothermic (warm-blooded), scaled, have rudimentary feathers, and lay eggs. Yet, they are not mammals, birds, or reptiles. Dragons are in a unique class of animals called draconidae.

For more in-depth information on Aereth’s dragon physiology, read the information under the tab: Physiology.

How to Play a Dragon

Generally speaking, dragons are not standalone characters. They are designed to be played in conjunction with a character or characters from one of several of Aereth’s indigenous biped species. This does not mean that you cannot play a dragon as a standalone character. If you choose to go that route and find it is not providing you with enough posting outlets and plots, you can always look at adding a Morrighan or putting up a Character Wanted ad for a Morrighan. You may also choose to play your dragon’s Morrighan or another biped that he or she has bonded with on some level.

Note: From a dragon’s point of view, the Gwerin, Sedayin, Wyr, Dwarrow, Murians, and Humans (Travelers) are all bipeds. They do not use it as an insult or sneer as they do not understand the use of social epithets. However, they also realize that the inhabitants of Aereth are different species, although they can interbreed and have viable offspring.

Archetype and Role

Dragons are protectors and guardians. They have an instinctive loathing for anything connected with the Shadowborn or Dark Ley. They are fierce warriors who will fight to the death to rid their world of evil. To this end, they have formed alliances with some of Aereth’s indigenous bipeds.

There are dark dragons known as the drakhmar. They are detailed in the lore of the Shadowborn.


Dragons can shift to different sizes, the smallest being their original hatchling size of 2.5-3 feet with a wingspan of nearly 5 feet. This makes them around the size of some of the larger birds of prey on Aereth.

A dragon can also mimic certain bipeds. However, there are several limitations to this. Details can be found in the Abilities and Physiology tabs.

Species Information

Genus: Draconis Sapiens

Species: Dragon, Ddraig, Uktena, Unktehila

Race: Not applicable.

Ddraig (p. thr’aye’g, the g is hard as in gut) and means dragon in the ancient tongue of the Gwerin (based in Welsh Gaelic).

Other Species

Sea Dragons (NPC Only)

The sea dragons are an equally intelligent species of draconidae with highly evolved societies. They are strong allies of the Vanir. However, as they dwell in the sea 100% of the time, except for egg-laying and nurturing, they can only be NPC’d. They cannot be played as a primary character.

A sea dragon can take on the image of a siren or mermaid to communicate with bipeds.

Water Dragons (Not Playable)

These are the freshwater versions of sea dragons. Of necessity, since they inhabit smaller bodies of water, they are somewhat smaller.