Dragon Beliefs


Anemoi (Four Winds)

The Dragons believe in the Anemoi, the Four Winds. However, they perceive them as actual beings that can be summoned at their time of death. It is the Four Winds that guide a Dragons through the Veil and onto the White Road where they continue their journey to the stars along the Sword of Light.

The Song of Airsith

Airsith, also known as the Lady of the Skies and the Protector Of Creatures, is believed to be the First Dragon and the originator of the dragonsongs. Later, as the legends of the Gwerin blended with those of the Dragons, she became known as one of the daughters of Mor-Rioghain, an omnipotent war deity, and Dagda, a father-figure deity. It was she who called the first Gwerin to be imprinted by the Dragons. Airsith, for unknown reasons, both blessed and cursed Dragons by giving their eyes magical powers.

Tuatha Dé Danann

Dragons give a passing nod to the Gwerin’s pantheon of gods and goddesses out of respect for their oldest allies.