Dragon Glossary

A glossary of terms specific to the dragons of Aereth.

Aerie An aerie is the dragon's home (den, lair). It usually consists of at least three chambers. Most aeries are light, dry, and easily defended.
Airsith The closest equivalent to a god or goddess that the dragons have. She is also known as the Lady of the Skies and the Protector of Creatures. The dragons believe she created the first dragonsongs.
Anemoi aka The Four Winds. The dragons believe in the Anemoi, the Four Winds. However, they perceive them as actual beings that can be summoned at their time of death. It is the Four Winds that guide a dragon through the Veil and onto the White Road where they continue their journey to the stars.
Biped This is the term used by most of Aereth's people when referencing non-dragon intelligent species. Hominid does not work for the indigenous two-footed species because they did not evolve from primates (a species notably missing from Aereth's natural record).
Bloodbonds This is not actually the bond of blood relatives. The dragons do not have strong family ties. However, over time, they will form attachments with other members of the siege - other dragons and bipeds (humans, Tuatha De, Wyr, etc.).
Bloodsense This is a dragon's innate ability to recognize blood relatives (clutchmates and other siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.). The ability to sense close blood relatives is nature's way of keeping dragons from rampant inbreeding.
Bond A bond is a psychic link to another individual (dragon, resident, Morrighan, etc.). The strength of the bond varies based on need and can even be temporary.
Bower A bower is the chamber that a male dragon outfits with all kinds of shiny baubles, gemstones, metals, etc. This is where they will bring the female that has accepted their overtures in a mating flight. It is the final test before they form their lifemate bond.
Candidate A Candidate or Morrighan Candidate are men and women that are still in training or have not yet impressed a dragon.
Citadel A citadel is a fortress-like structure that has been built over and around a siege. The construction pauses but never stops completely. Citadels grow as the siege itself grows. The designers and builders are usually the men, women, and dragons that live in and around the siege itself.
Crossing Dragons do not die. They Cross through the Veil where their spirits continue their journey along the Sword of Light. Their bodies fade from this existence rather than decomposing.
Ddraig (thr’aye’g, the g is hard as in gut) means dragon in the ancient tongue of the Gwerin (based in Welsh Gaelic); dragons are not overly concerned with what they are called. Neither ddraig or dragon equates to their own name for themselves.
Dragonguard The Dragonguard is the army of the Siege consisting of cavalry and mounted infantry. It is commanded by the Lord-General.
Dragonslayers These are groups of people that make their livelihood from harvesting a dragon's eyes and killing them for their hides. Most cultures condemn this practice publicly although there is a healthy black market trade in these items. Dragonslayers ever have their own super-secret guilds.
Drake Male dragons of any age without a lifemate. The term is often used interchangeably with dragon. This is technically incorrect although the dragons do not really care.
Drakhmar When a dragon's eyes are taken by Dragonslayers, their spirit (soul) is trapped in the Abyss. Since they are neither dead nor alive, they become creatures of the Shadow, powerful and pure evil.
Empress The rule of a siege is determined by combat between female dragons called queens. The winner becomes a siege's Empress (ruler).
Fledgling Young dragons that are taking their first flights and learning to fly.
Flight Non-Morrighan; more than one dragon, but less than six. Morrighan's "flights" are slightly different.
Hatchling Baby dragons.
Impressing When a Morrighan or other individual forms a psychic bond with a dragon, they are said to have impressed the dragon.
Imprinting When a dragon forms a psychic bond with a Morrighan or other individual, they are said to have imprinted that person.
Lifemate A dragon's lifemate (husband / wife).
Marking Marking is another form of Imprinting. It is less intense and generally occurs between non-combatants. Marking is also usually a matter of choice by both Ddraig and biped. While a light psychic bond forms, it is primarily for communication. It can also be easily terminated by other one.
Ministers The Ministers are a Siege’s ambassadors and envoys to other governments and the Conclave of Nations.
Morrighan The Morrighan are the dragonriders, an elite air force. A Morrighan must be able to hear the dragons and form a psychic bond (imprint) an individual Ddraig. It is commanded by the Lord-Paladin.
Nestling Dragons that are still being cared for by older dragons in creche nests.
Paladin Paladin is the rank given to a Morrighan Candidate that has completed their training and successfully impressed a dragon, forming the psychic link that will bond them until death. The Lord-Paladin is the commander of the Morrighan.
Phalanx Non-Morrighan; six to ten dragons
Queens Fertile female dragon of any age.
Residents There are a plethora of others residing in a siege’s citadel. Foreign dignitaries, crafthalls, support staff, non-combatant dragons, Morrighan candidates and trainees, Squires, Morrighans, their families.
Rex Rexes are male dragons that are life bonded to a female. These are usually larger alpha males since drakes have to fight for their mates. They also tend to be older and very combat experienced.
Rising A fertile female that is in estrus is said to be rising.
Rookeries A rookery consists of a large number of dragon nests. Almost all rookeries are located within the craters and calderas of active volcanic systems because the dragons rely on the heated soil to complete the incubation of their eggs. The locations of these nesting sites are the closest guarded secret amongst the dragons.
Sages Sages are a siege’s scholars and scientists. Although they may have military skills and training, they are non-combatants. They are the dragons that are the curators of the ancient dragonsongs (history). They also are the keepers of any written records of dragon dealings with others such as treaties and the like.
Sassanach Gwerin word meaning outlander or foreigner. It is the term used for non-Gwerin Morrighan candidates.
Siege The dragons live in colonies of aeries called sieges. A siege can be made up of a few dozen aeries or several thousand. The size of the colony depends on how good the hunting is in the area, availability of aeries, how suitable the terrain is for creating an aerie, and how well the local population or ruler of a nation supports it.
The Voice The Voice is a position similar to that of a Chief of Staff. In many cases, the Voice holds a rank higher than that of the Empress' lifemate.
Wake A wake of dragons is several phalanxes.
Wing A wing can be a single dragon or one dragon, its rider, and/or a passenger.
Crecheling Young dragons that are no longer being cared for in the nest but have not yet fledged.