Dragon Sieges (Colonies)

Airlanth Catria Nydinth
Amaranth Aquitaine Birrinth A small siege located in Aquitaine. The Ddraig and Aquitaine have a tenuous, somewhat hostile alliance.
Azdiel The Obsidian Islands Xorayss Now the domain of the Drakhmar, Azdiel used to be an outpost siege on Uthuria. It and the Obsidian Islands are some of the most feared places on the world of Aereth.
Baishen Xia Chinndryan
Beresrath Ythionth
Catarath Nanoth
Dracanthus Vendia Mendrithe
Hastrinth Verith
Perilous Bassilith Menrath Siege Perilous is located on Bassilith Island just off the western coast of Aereth. The island is the location of the first known Ddraig siege and is where the Gwerin built their first fortress.
Qianjing Xia Shenyan
Roxnorath Iddreth
Sciaranth Tynar-Dazûr Hothyss Hatched from the egg that King Askír saved from Siege Azdiel.
Sissenth TBD TBD TBD
Taranath Tynar-Dazûr Griseldith