Dwarrow Basics

Playable?: Yes

At a Glance

The Dwarrow, the children of the Stone, are a mysterious race, said to having been carved out of stone in a frosty winter’s night and then been given life by a storm, their beginnings in this world are a riddle for many. Crafters and traders, living in the High Peaks of the Mountain Home, they are not one of the Elder Races but came into the world after the the first Seals shattered in Uthuria. Their Kingdom has become a place of trade all across the world, and the dwarves have played a role in the events of the world.

Race Name: Dwarrow

Phonetic Pronunciation: Dwarrow (the a like u in hunt, the ow as in hollow)

Meaning: Children of the Stone

Other Names: Dwarves, Stone-Kin, Small-Folk.

Classification: Human-Like

Dwarrow are compatible with most of the species in Aereth and able to produce viable offspring with them. They are also compatible with the creatures of the Deeps, though they often deny it and are not easily willing to discuss this. Children of unions with surface races are known as Demi-Dwarves in terms of species, legally they are also dwarrow.


Loosely based on several sources of dwarf mythology, especially Tolkien.

Created By: Echo of Valandhir

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