Dwarrow Beliefs

Myths & Legends

The Dark Bladesmith

If you seek the three great secrets, you have to go on a long journey, wander North until you can see the icy bay of Echoes to your left and the Mountain of A Thousand Tears ahead of you, in a land so cold lost and lonely and dark you will wish to never have set foot there. When you dare to wander on, you have to cross a deep chasm inhabited by the most unfriendly spiders I have ever met, and beyond… beyond you will find a forest of dead trees. There is no path through the forest, and sleeping under the trees will be your last night in this world. But if you find your way through the forest, it will lead you to the shores of a shadowed lake and beyond… beyond rises one single dark mountain and in the side of the mountain is a deep cave and down there lives an ancient one, chained to the wall by a chain of seven curses. If you wish to learn his secrets, you have to earn them and serve as his apprentice for a full seven years.

Many a great crafter is said to having wandered to that Mountain to learn the three great secrets of crafting… some say it is a myth, some say it is real…

Anár and Asturi

And they say he has a white hawk which he will send to the Enemy camp at night.

Asturi is maybe the dwarven King who had the most wars to fight in the waning second age, invaders threatened the land, and the Mountain Home was in grave danger. Legend has it that Asturi had the help of a stranger whom he had saved from being slaughtered when he was still young. Anár, as the dwarves named the stranger, was said to be able to shift into a white hawk during the nightly hours and thus spy on the enemy plans for Asturi. He also is said to be buried in the same crypt as the great dwarven King.

Historically speaking, it is well likely that Anár was wandering Wyr and where he may be buried, no one knows.

Creation Myths

The Deepstone

The most common creation myth about the dwarrow is that they were carved from stone in a deep winter night and were given life by a storm. The more elaborate myth of their existence reflects in their own legends and beliefs.

At the heart of the dwarven beliefs is that they came into the world through an upheaval of the elements when the darkness was released again into the world, and the rifting elements caused their waking in the stone, they are strangers to this world, a race that should not have been and once the world is made whole again their time will end. A manifestation of the torn elements they are, and with the peace of the elements, they will leave.

The dwarrow also believe that on the day they will all return to sleep in the deep stone, the Worldmaker (The Great Blacksmith) will take their forms, shatter them and gather the ashes in his fire, before he opens the book of translation and will allow them to pass into another world, where they will truly belong.

These myths are usually believed to some degree as “fact”. The dwarrow’s worship of the Great Blacksmith/The Worldmaker may reflect a distant racial memory of their true creator. If this is so, they are not aware of it.

The Forge of Souls

Legend and History mix where it comes to the Forge of Souls. Said to be located deep within the deep reaches, it is a place of legend and myth. It is said that the dwarrow were wrought there on the Anvil by their maker before he put them into sleep. It is said that in the deep tunnels surrounding the forge, dwarrow seeking such, may find children, small dwarrow without parents, that upon adoption will mirror some characteristics of their new parents.

While much of this is Legend, a place named the Forge of Souls exists deep within the fallen lands. And there have been records of Borderlanders and other Dwarrow alike that went together into the “Deep Stone” and returned with a child that they found in the abandoned tunnels. As a matter of fact, the Borderlanders may have died out without such means, because their male to female ratio is even worse than that of other dwarrow.

Yet, if the “Deep Stone” and the “Forge of Souls” are truly connected, or two different places, linked only by legend cannot be said for sure, for no one has ever made the Borderlanders tell all they know of the fallen deeps, and fewer dare venture so deep into the Deep Roads.