Dwarrow Genetics

Average Lifespan: Individual

On average one might say, that dwarrow might age up to 1000 years, but that average is erroneous. Simply because the length of a dwarrow’s life depends on his zeal to live. A dwarrow who still is living fully, having the zeal and energy to go on, will live beyond 1000 years, while a dwarrow who loses that zeal for life might die at only 300 years. The onset of strongly visible age is the outward marker that a dwarrow’s zeal for life is waning, even then, there are differences, some dwarrow age and die within a few decades, some need up to two centuries for the same.


Dwarrow are hardy and very robust, they rarely break bones, many surface diseases they do not get and it takes them much longer to suffer from infected wounds than it does for other races. Their muscles are much denser than those of other species, which is why they are heavier and stronger than other races.

There are a number of dwarrow specific diseases, some are simply part of the childhood, like stone-fever or the fire-itch. Others are more dangerous and usually are contacted from various creatures from the deep lands. Yet there are two diseases the dwarrow have learned to fear, both are rooted in the deeps and almost never encountered on the surface.

The Howling Spirit

The Howling Spirit is a fever-like disease that runs much like stone-fever, and seems harmless enough at first. Yet, if not treated swiftly and rightly, the patient will suffer long-term effects. While physically recovering the dwarrow’s mind slowly begins to erode, driving him insane, to the point of attacking his own people. Once the mental illness sets in, the disease is incurable. The dwarrow will put down infected if their become dangerous, but will leave harmless cases alive. Yet they are wary of those who lost their mind and now live with the Howling Spirits.

The Black Blood

The black blood is something dwarrow avoid discussing with outsiders. It is part of the reason why they lost the deeps, an infection that once contracted must be burned out with arcane fire or the dwarrow will succumb – mutating into a mangled, gruesome creature, driven to cannibalism and other acts of cruelty. The dwarrow believe that the first Troggs were a result of such mutated dwarrow breeding amongst themselves. The Legion of the Dead has the task to prevent the carriers of the Black Blood from ever reaching the dwarven kingdom. As the Legion of the Dead risks infection on a daily basis, they are considered dead and gone with entering the ranks of the Legion. There are other reasons for that beyond the Black Blood, but it is one of the main factors to it.

The Dwarven Heart

The heart of a dwarrow turns into a precious gemstone upon death. The dwarrow actively discourage knowledge of this, or relegating it as a myth, because it let to too many raids on their crypts. But it is fact.


As dwarrow do not suffer from disease caused by lack of hygiene, they do not quite see the same need for daily washing and things like that. Yet, it is untrue that dwarves never wash. The dwarrow cities have more bathing houses than many other places, and they are well used, as there actually is a legal requirement to make use of the bathing house once a week. While dwarrow do look to their clean and prideful appearance when in public, they do not really understand the surfacers constant nagging about washing all the time.


Dwarrow are of the stone, and it shows in their entire appearance. Their form is heavy and compact, their features weather like stone would, their shape is often rough and a little edgy, many of them do not have entirely proportionate features, their legs are shorter than those of a human of the same height, their entire proportions are slightly different from that of other folk.

Average Stature: Compact, most dwarrow are heavily muscled and compact, their entire posture seems closely linked to the ground they stand on

Average Height: 3 to 5 feet

Eyes: All colors known to stone. Dwarrow eyes are darker than human eyes and do not reflect light, they are easily reminiscent of opaque stone. Only surface-born dwarrow have bright, shining eyes like jewels, it is the first sign of deformation of a child not born in the deep stone.

Hair: Dwarrow hair colors tend to range from black, over browns to russets and reds, blond is rare and only tied to the Reach, while white only appears as a sign of age. Dwarrow hair is thicker and stronger than other peoples, giving them fascinating manes and beards, which they often braid and adorn, it also grows a lot faster.