Gwerin Magic

Magical Race or Species?: Yes

Affiliation: Lightborn

The Gwerin as a race are primarily Lightborn although some individuals have become Shadowborn, by choice or due to misadventure. Although there are Gwerin that have produced children with a Shadowborn, this is rarely done voluntarily unless they have been corrupted by the Shadows.

Magical Abilities

Magical School: Elemental

The Gwerin are born with an innate potential for the arcane. They are connected to Aereth and the Ley. They can sense when the Scales of Light and Shadow are no longer in balance.

The Gwerin are gifted with elemental magic. They can, to some extent, manipulate their environment using the natural elements of earth, fire, water, and ice, etc. Due to their affinity with dragons, fire is one of their strongest elements. They can also use elements to create fairly elaborate illusions. These feats of magic take time and considerable energy. However, it takes many years to learn to create and channel fire without turning themselves into crispy critters.

Since affinities tend to run within families and clans, most Gwerin are trained by family elders rather than being sent to one of the Theurgy Mystica locations.

Over and above the innate potential that they are born with, the Gwerin can hear the dragons, speak with them telepathically, understand their songs, and can also emulate some of their calls and sounds. They do not consider these to be magical since people of other races are occasionally born with the same abilities.

Those that go on to become Morrighan or join the Dragonguard are taught how to defend against various creatures of the Dark Horde and how to recognize dark portals and seal them. The Shadow armies, however, are constantly evolving and making the ability to detect them harder.


The healing talent is rare amongst the Gwerin, but it does exist. It usually manifests during adolescence or as a young adult. Like with all other magical abilities, healers have to be trained. Active Battle Healers rarely have the time to devote to an apprentice, so most Gwerin Healers attend one of the Guild of Airmid medical training facilities and a Theurgy Mystica academy. Like physicians and other healers, a Gwerin’s healing magic takes specific forms.

Healers can and do wingbond with dragons but in non-combatant roles. They still have to do the Morrighan training. Those that can heal dragons are extremely prized and respected.

Healer Training

There are no extremely young healers in active service! Gwerin healers have to spend additional time training.

Theurgy Mystica (4-6 yrs.): This is where they hone the magical aspects of their ability and learn healing magic theory.

Guild of Airmid (4-6 yrs.): Medical school combined with healing theory.

Morrighan (4 years): Flight training and basic para-military training for non-combatants.


Gwerin can magically create portals for traveling from one point to another.


The Gwerin cannot manufacture an element that is not present. For example, there must be moisture in the atmosphere for them to make it rain.

Creating complex feats of magic with robust illusions is physically and emotionally draining. If overused, it can drain them to the point of death.

The healing ability negates other Gwerin magical abilities. They can still hear the dragons and communicate via mindspeech since that is an inherent ability for the Gwerin and not magic. Gwerin cannot raise the dead and, in many cases, cannot bring a person back from the brink of death. They can ease a person’s passing or help a dragon sever a wingbond if necessary.

Portals created by the Gwerin are strictly Point A to Point B. The Gwerin creating the portal must know where they are going (have the exact coordinates). They can only transport themselves and maybe their mount. They cannot take more than five adults through with them (no mounts). Once the Gwerin passes through the portal is closes and is gone.

Imprinted Gwerin

After a Gwerin impresses a dragon, most of their magical abilities are repressed. They can still do minor things such as calling forth handfire (basically a magical flashlight). They cannot form the greater magical feats such as complex illusions.

They lose the ability to form portals after impressing a dragon. Once bonded to a dragon, it opens the portal, and the Gwerin translates the map’s coordinates for them.

Magical Views

Most Gwerin are very accepting of magic use, although they take a very dim view of its misuse. Perhaps the shadow of memory still exists from the Desolation Wars because the Gwerin are not totally sanguine with the younger races’ use of magic. They do not hesitate in rendering their opinions on the subject.