Gwerin Basics


The Gwerin are the first of the ancient biped races created by the Arcane Light as allies of the dragons and defenders of Aereth. The majority of Gwerin serve as Morrighan or in support roles within the dragon’s sieges and citadels. Those not serving their siege directly usually reside in a city-fortress built nearby. These city-fortresses are known as Courts. Annwyn, located on Bassilith Island, is the largest and oldest of the Gwerin Courts and the seat of power for their ruler. The ruler is known as the Danu.

Dragonspeech: All Gwerin can hear the mind-to-mind dragonspeech and learn to understand it from childhood. They can be considered bi-lingual. This ability was not listed under magic because it is part of their physical makeup, not a magical ability.

Race Name: Gwerin

Phonetic pronunciation: gware-in (spoken with a hard g, ware as in aware, and en or in).

Meaning: People or folk.

Other Names: Daoine Sídhe (p. deen-ya shee) Dragonkin, Dragon Folk, Dragon People, Dragonkind, the People, the Guardians, People of the Mountains, Mountain Guardians, Dragon Spawn, Worm Spawn.

Classification: Human-Like

Gwerin are genetically and biologically compatible with almost all of the bipedal races of Aereth. They can produce viable offspring from interbreeding. The biggest deterrent to the Gwerin are other races’ biases.


The species known as the Gwerin are a magical race created for the Chronicles of Aereth roleplay. They are loosely based on the Aos Sídhe of Irish mythology although their language and background come predominantly from the Welsh language and mythology. They were also inspired by the Dragonriders of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey. Think of them as dragon-riding warrior-elves without the pointed ears.

Population: 1m +/-

Population Centers

The Gwerin’s only true homeland is wherever the dragons dwell. Like the dragons they are bonded to, they prefer high places and rarely settle in the lowlands of any nation. If there are no mountains in the land, they gravitate to the highest points…and are generally miserable.

Bassilith Island

The western region of Vendia was called Bassilith by the dragons and, later, the Gwerin. Between eight and sixteen thousand years ago, during the Fall of Uthuria, the Bassilith supervolcano, along with a majority of the Vendian chains of volcanoes, erupted. When the smoke cleared, where Bassilith once was, there was a large mountainous island surrounding a deep expanse of water. The crater of the supervolcano had dropped into the sea. The island is still volcanically active, and the water at its center is known as the Burning Sea.

Annwyn Court

Annwyn is a city-fortress built into the mountainside of Bassilith Island. It blends with its landscape and is surrounded by waterfalls. It is well-guarded by dragons and the Dragonguard but does not appear to be heavily fortified. The Gwerins have long considered Annwyn to be their ruling seat.

Dragon Sieges

Most dragon sieges also have a Gwerin city-fortress associated with them. For this reason, many people believe the Gwerin do not have a single homeland.


Form: Elected Monarchy

An Danu: Kerowyn Wintersong

An Dagda: None chosen.

The Gwerin’s ruler is called the Danu which is also one of the names of the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann which literally means the People of Danu. The ruler carries the powers of a king or queen but is elected to serve for life.

Note: In the Old Tongue, An means “the”. So, An Dagda is The Dagda.

There is almost always a male and female. A Dagda and a Danu. An Dagda’s role is as the military leader of the Gwerin while the Danu sees to the day-to-day rule of the people.

Toward the end of a Danu’s life, the residents of each court and siege send one representative to represent them with the Hearth-Keepers Council. This body will then choose the next Danu.

The Dagda is appointed by the Danu. Since it is a warrior role, there may be several Dagdas that serve during a Danu’s reign.

Hearth Keepers Council

A mixed group of Lords and Ladies of the Hearth (heads of households, clans, etc.) that help see to the day-to-day running of the courts and lands that fall under the Gwerin’s domain. When it comes time to choose another Danu, this Council will take into account the choices of the representatives that come to Annwyn Court for the Choosing.


First and foremost, the Gwerin are hunters and warriors. The majority of them join the ranks of the Morrighan and Dragonguard.

There are skilled tradespeople amongst them. However, the Gwerins’ crafts are primarily geared toward supporting the Morrighan and the Dragonguard. Households generally keep a few domesticated animals such as goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens and grow enough vegetables for personal use. Generally speaking, most Gwerins will hunt or trap an animal – such as wyverns whose skins are prized – but will trade and barter their catch for finished products.