Gwerin Genetics

Average Lifespan: Unknown

The Gwerin are not immortal. They can be killed and can sicken and die. Providing that neither of these events occurs, they are naturally blessed with incredibly long lifespans. Calculating how long a Gwerin actually lives is made harder due to the large number of them that join the Morrighan. Once they impress a dragon, this makes their lifespan equivalent to that of the dragon they are bonded to. No dragons have ever been known to die of old age.

The Gwerin’s current Danu (ruler), Kerowyn Wintersong, remembers the final days of Uthuria and the 2nd Great Ice. Since her hair is silver-white, some people speculate that she is at the end of her lifespan.

Putting these lifespans in context with shorter-lived species is difficult. The Gwerin tend to stop noticeably aging after adolescence. They will age little until the last few hundred years of their life when their hair will lighten to a silvery-white. Extreme events such as severe injuries, illnesses, or even the death of their bonded dragon can cause some premature aging.

If a Gwerin’s bonded dragon is killed, many Gwerin will also die due to the shock of the bond being severed and the overwhelming grief. This does not happen every time. Often, the Morrighan can survive the death of the dragon. However, there is a chance that they will never be able to impress another dragon.


Gwerin tend to be very robust and healthy with a natural resistance to most common diseases. Since a majority of them serve as Morrighan, they have a higher ratio of serious injuries over the average person that does not go into battle on a routine basis.


The Gwerin are aware of how closely related cleanliness and disease are. They evolved in a land with a multitude of hot springs which encouraged them to develop a regimen of bathing and washing their hands, hair, and clothes.


Average Height

Males: 5’8” – 6’4” (average)

Females: 5’6” to 6’ (average)

General Description

Gwerins are generally tall and graceful of bearing. Their build is robust with wide shoulders and strong musculature. Their limbs are long and well-shaped. Gwerins’ facial features tend to be refined rather than heavy-boned with narrow, well-shaped noses.

Gwerin males have two tiny vestigial spiral horns at the top of their forehead, just inside the hairline. They are about an inch or inch and a half in length from the base to the tip (base refers to where they extrude from the skull). The horns are slender, almost delicate looking. They are made of bone and covered in keratin that is the same shade as their hair. This makes the horns next to impossible to see from any distance. Why the males have them is unknown. It is likely due to the dragon DNA fused into their genetic code from when they were created by the Arcane Light.

Hair and Eyes

Gwerins have heavy, thick hair that grows low on the back of their neck. Few ever have to deal with going bald. All colors can be found in the race. Their hair is usually the only indicator of extreme age when it turns a pure, shimmering silver. However, extreme age does not mean that they are at the end of their lives.

Eye colors range from dark brown to black up through the lighter shades. There are no particularly abnormal or rare eye colors. Like their hair, a Gwerin’s brows and lashes tend to be thick and distinctive.


This ranges based on the Gwerin’s livelihood. Most of those serving the Morrighan or Dragonguard, even the women, prefer form-fitting trousers made from various animal hides with wyvern hides being the most favored. Lace-up shirts with wyvern hide vests are also common. The High-Born are most often seen wearing a rich array of jewel-toned robes, gowns, flowing trousers, etc.