Vanir Beliefs

Major Religions & Cults

The Vanir have a pantheon of gods remembered in their legends, and they have rites to honor them, but little in terms of formal religion. Most of their religion is closely tied to various traditions, like sweeping the hall on the first day of spring, because Frowe Freja will come to bless the dwelling. Some Vanir are oddly fascinated by the religion of Aquitaine… but mostly by their Templar warriors.

The Vanir are tolerant of some religions and superstitious about others. As long as they feel their gods are not angered by the other cult, they will not mind.

Other Beliefs

Barrows: The great barrows of the North are whispered amongst the Vanir to be the graves of the Great Elder Ones. To keep them sleeping, they will go to the barrows each autumn and sing the most ancient of the sagas. These sagas are sung in the Old Tongue because when the Elder Ones hear them, they will keep sleeping and not awaken to haunt the living.

Night of the Wanderers: The Wanderers are believed to be an ancient, cursed race that brings dark luck to anyone they meet. Each New Year’s Night, the Vanir will set up great fires outside their villages because they believe the Wanderers to be on their way. By New Year’s night, the Wanderers’ home fires have died. To keep from freezing to death, they need fresh fires, and this brings them close to villages and farms. If they find fires elsewhere, they will not bother the settlements. Thus the Vanir provide fires and are distrustful with strangers in that night.