Vanir Genetics

Average Lifespan: 100 – 120 yrs.

Aereth’s plants and animals are substantially higher in nutrients than their counterparts on Earth. This, along with the magical influence of the Ley, provides a natural extension of Murian lifespans. Many diseases and the infirmities associated with extreme old age are mitigated as well.

An added benefit of being indigenous to Aereth is the access to Healers (the Airmid). When a healer treats a person for illness or injury, part of the process triggers a reset on the cellular level by regenerating a cell’s telomeres. This can substantially extend a person’s lifespan beyond the average depending on how often they require a healer’s services.

Note: Healers are not always available in every society. Regular physicians do not have magical healing gifts.

Joining the Morrighan will also increase a human’s lifespan indefinitely since forming a bond with a Ddraig (dragon) imparts life enhancing energy.

General Health

In general, the Vanir are a strong, robust, and healthy race of people. Those involved in more adventurous pursuits or make their living on the sea could be expected to have shorter lifespans. Along with their natural proclivity toward a long lifespan, Aereth’s mysterious bands of magical energy also enhance the lifespans of all those that dwell on its surface.


Average Height

Men: 6’ plus

Women: 5’10” plus

General Description

The Vanir are unusually tall with fair hair and skin for the most part. The most common hair colors are blond, reddish-blond, and the lighter shades of brown and reddish-brown. Eye colors are predominately green, blue, and gray. Darker hair and eye colors are usually only seen in half-bloods. Both men and women tend to be very tall. Males usually have large builds and very muscular frames. Women also tend toward being well-muscled with very athletic builds.