Wyr Magic

Magical Race or Species?: Yes

Although the Wyr do not consider shapeshifting as a form of magic, most other races would see it that way.

Affiliation: Lightborn

As a race or species, the Wyr are usually affiliated with the Arcane Light. However, individuals can be corrupted by the Shadowborn.

Magical Abilities


The Wyr consider have both an animal form and a human one natural and normal, not magical. It is part of who they are and intrinsic to their nature. Naturally, other races consider this ability as magical and many consider it frightening.


This ability comes with age, practice, and experience. A Wyr that has learned this ability is even more formidable as a foe. In less time than it takes to blink, they can shift from human to animal and back again. Many Wyr employ this shifting technique in battle. It not only doubles their offensive and defensive capabilities, but it also confuses their enemies.


A Wyr’s senses are part and parcel of their physical makeup. Their human senses are somewhat augmented by those of their animal form. Therefore, a Wyr’s sense of hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell is dependent on the type of animal they are. Even in human form, their senses are sharper than those of an average biped.

Dreaming and Sending

Like the Ddraig, the Wyr can communicate by way of sending – an echo of thoughts and images touching another Wyr’s mind or to reach for another Wyr in dreams. The western Wyr use sendings sporadically when communicating in their shapeshifting forms, but do not make use of Dreaming. Dreaming is mainly used by Xian Wyr, who delved deeper into actually developing their raw natural skills, which the western Wyr did not.

Wyr can hear Ddraig thoughts/sendings in much the same manner, whether they understand them right, is another matter. They do identify Ddraig, not by the emotion/sending of pictures, but more by a melody they can hear that is unique to each Ddraig.

Clothing and Weapons

No Wyr in the world can explain how they shift with their clothing and weapons. They can’t explain because shifting happens without conscious thought, it is like breathing. However, although they do not try to explain how it happens, they acknowledge that this ability could be considered magical since clothing is not part of their physiology.


A Wyr is just as vulnerable to injury or death from injuries as any other human or human-like being. An arrow to the heart kills them as surely as beheading does. They are not immortal or invincible. However, they do recover from injuries rapidly with minimum medical care.

In human form, a Wyr’s animal senses are somewhat muted or diminished. Although they can still see, hear, and smell better than other races, it is about half as strong as it would be for their animal form.

Magical Views

Short overview of how the race or species views magic and the use of magic.