Wyr Basics

Playable?: Yes

At a Glance

The Wyr can be found all over the world, but are mainly concentrated in Caer Draenár which is a mountainous peninsular off the west coast of the continent of Vendia. It is bordered by Bassilith and  Tynar-Dazûr.

Race Name: Wyr

The Wyr are shapeshifters, having one human form and one animal form. Both forms are present at birth and are inherited from their parents. Meaning that no Wyr ever chooses his animal form. They are born with it and usually begin shapeshifting within days of their birth. To them, shapeshifting is as natural as breathing. Shapes range from mammals to birds, no lizards, or fishes.


Human-Like: The Wyr are hard to classify since they are both animal and human. They are genetically compatible with other humans and human-like species (the bipeds). However, they cannot and would not mate with actual animals. Wyr find the concept of bestiality totally abhorrent and disgusting. Not even the most insane of the Wyr would go down that path.

Ethnicity: The Wyr’s human form reflects the genetic ethnicity of their parents, grandparents, etc., just like any human races do. This can vary based on the region where their clan originates from and if they have intermingled bloodlines with actual humans. Also, a Wyr’s clan dictates their animal form. Two cats are not going to produce a wolf.


Shapeshifter legends, myths, and folklore.

Created By: Valandhir

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