Wyr Beliefs

The Resting Places

Each of the main Wyr nations is or was situated near a very specific place that their legends hold to be a place where the Beast of Many Forms is sealed or resting. Each of these places takes the form of an underground cavern or cavern system containing a wellspring. These wellsprings may be the source of the Wyr’s unique gifts, as Wyr living far from them will have fewer and fewer children inheriting their gifts. Wyr living close to the well will always have children with a full complement of Wyr abilities, even if they interbreed with other species. The exact nature of this link is shrouded in legend. One fact stands: whenever deeply endangered, the Wyr would take to drinking from the wells, in turn getting stronger and more powerful in the short term, though many drinkers would go crazy in the long run. A price they accept, as the stronger traits are passed on to their children.

Religions / Beliefs

The Wyr believe in the Mother as the entity from which all living things come, and to which all life must return in the end. The Mother’s Last Embrace is a Wyr synonym for Death. The Wyr also believe that the Mother was wounded long ago when the Shadow rose and that her breath is becoming shorter, and so the lives of her younger children grow short. Fighting the Shadow is a duty for all who wish to protect the Mother.

The Mother is not seen entirely as a good entity by the Wyr. She is neutral, caring little for the good or bad she bore.

We always understood that the Mother exists, that she created the land and the forests, the wild winds, and the gentle rains. We also know that she created nightmares: because she created us.

Rivár, the Spirit Guardian (The Hunter of Starlight)

To the Wyr, Rivár is their Spirit Guardian, the Starlight Hunter who guides and protects them, and sends them to battle. His echo, the light of the waning and waxing moon, is something they feel in their blood, and by his word they hunt, by his order, they die. Rivár is the protective entity the Wyr trust most, the root of their beginning and the guardian of their destiny.

The Moon Jaguar

The Moon Jaguar is the companion of Rivár. With a thousand legends about him, the Moon Jaguar is believed to walk amongst the Wyr when he is not off hunting with Rivár. As such, there have been Wyr in history who were believed to have been the Moon Jaguar in disguise.

Legends of the Past

The Guardian Lines

The Guardian Lines are the legendary twelve oldest bloodlines of the Wyr, Guardians of their race and protectors of their people. Much of their origin is shrouded in legend. The Guardian Lines appeared throughout Wyr history when times were hardest. Wyr scholars would be able to name the lines still in existence, but usually keep them a closely guarded secret.

The names of the Lines are not always exactly the name of the houses (in most cases the clan name does not give away that it is a guardian line), but these are the names of the Guardian Lines as they are remembered:

The Rock-People: This Clan was at the heart of several crises that went beyond the Amber Isles, and their name became the synonym for “Wyr” in the Wildlands.

The Forest-Guardians

The Spirit Guardians: A guardian line so long lost, it is doubtful they ever came to the Amber Isles.

The Hunters of Dawn

The Watchers over the Waves

The Spirits of Frost

The Sunrunners

The Nightsingers

The Watchers over the Storm: During several events in history, like the Hunt of the Black Archer, those lines came out of the shadows to assist their people, only to sink back into obscurity again. Modern Wyr might say that they were not heard from since those days; others will simply shake their head and not answer questions at all. In the end, one can only assume they are still somewhere out there.