Wyr Genetics

Average Lifespan

  • 4,000 years (1 Turn)

The actual upper limit on the Wyr’s lifespan is hard to determine since many of them also serve as Morrighan, and linking to a dragon extends their lives. On average, a Wyr lives around 3500 to 4000 years and remains relatively healthy and active for the majority of their lifespan.


Generally speaking, the Wyr are a very healthy species, although they are not totally immune to diseases.


Human Form

Genetics, the region where their clan originated, and partially the Wellspring they are linked to dictates a Wyr’s human-form. The most notable fact, however, is that their eyes are limited to the colors of the sea; blues, grays, greens, and turquoise. Black eyes are very rare. Brown, yellow, or reddish eyes do not occur.

Physically, Wyr can be of any height and build. However, many Wyr seem to share a link between their human form and animal form. For example, bird Wyr tend to be smaller and lighter in stature, and bear Wyr tend to be taller and heavier. There is not a direct size-mass relation between the two forms.

Animal Form

Wyr have both a human-form and one animal-form. The Wyr’s animal-forms are limited to mammals and birds. The Wyr cannot shift into fish, reptiles of any kind, or insects.

A Wyr’s clan form is dictated by their clan and parental DNA. While it is not unheard of for a Wyr from a wolf-clan to marry a Wyr from a cat-clan, it is not common. In such cases, the clan with the strongest bloodline will determine the character’s animal form. Generally, there are specific characteristics passed from one generation to the next. Clouded leopard Wyr produce clouded leopard offspring, etc. Two bird-Wyr do not make a cat-Wyr.


Some of the Wyr’s senses are shared between their human and animal forms. Bird of prey Wyr have sharper eyesight and a better head for heights, wolf-Wyr have better hearing and smell. However, when in human form, a Wyr’s animal senses are somewhat muted. So, a falcon-Wyr would have better eyesight than the average human, it would not be exponentially enhanced when they are in their human form.