Wyr Homelands


The Wyr reside in many lands, and most of them have a good knowledge of the world. As mentioned, they generally abide by the laws and cultural norms of their nation of residence. Listed below are the lands where most Wyr play will take place. More details will be added as needed.

Cader Idris / Caer Draenár


Wellspring: The Seat of the Grey King

This is the “youngest” of the Wyr “nations.” It has been recognized as an independent nation as the leaders of the region come from seven of the twelve Guardian Lines of the Wyr. The Wyr of Caer Draenár have a friendly relationship to the Ddraig, their next-door neighbors, and a number of theirs have become Morrighan or joined the ranks of the Dragonguard.

The Wyr of Caer Draenár do not tend to have complex governmental hierarchies. They have their chosen leaders and speakers. On complex issues, the community in question, or their clan leaders, vote.


Caer Draenár and Cader Idris are located on a mountainous peninsula that is connected to the west coast of the continent of Vendia by a very narrow strip of land. This eastern section is bordered by Tynar-Dazûr. On the west, the peninsula is separated from Bassilith by a narrow, deep strait with many fjords.

For more information, see the Dragons document and click on the homeland tab.

Amber Islands

Wellspring: The Cave of the Golden Rose


The Amber Islands are primarily known through stories and legends. They are one of the old homelands of the Wyr. The islands tend to be avoided by all sailors since a vast and terrible war happened. The outer islands are known as the Isles of Madmen. They are still inhabited by Wyr that were left mentally unstable by the events of the war. Older survivors have stories of what transpired there, colorful and often gory, but usually keep those tales among themselves. Most of the survivors who were stable enough to make the journey immigrated to Caer Draenár. If they still keep contact with their shaken homeland is only for them to know.


The Amber Islands lay far out in the Western Sea. They are the easternmost remnants of the continent of Uthuria.

Ravatusk Island

Wellspring: The Obelisk of frost

The home of the Selkies is also home to a few bird-clans and frost-bear families. Few people or Wyr ever travel so far north to find this cold island.

City of Skulls

Wellspring: The Altar of Skulls


Little is known about the City of Skulls beyond stories, but all stories indicate that the Wyr there do have a more structured leadership and are governed by a ruler, known as “The Eternal” and his “Seven Chosen” that act as his messengers and hands. One of the very few – if unreliable – sources about the City of Skulls is the “Hodeskalle Saga” of the Vanir, which among other things, claims that the Eternal is worshipped as the messenger of the ‘multifaced goddess’ by the denizens of the creepy city.


Presumably, somewhere in Xia.