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At a Glance

Hy-Brasil, aka the Glass Isle, is the home of the mysterious People of the Green Silences. This race’s origin is actually unknown, but they are presumed to be Murian (indigenous Aereth humans). Due to their longevity and mastery of elemental magic, it is assumed that their ancestry includes Gwerin, Sedayin, and maybe Wyr bloodlines.

Race Name


Other Names

People of the Green Silences

Dhaoine (ancient Gwerin word meaning People, p. deen-ya)


  • Human: It is presumed that the Thassan are Murian in origin. A very few of them have married outside their island home and have had viable offspring with Murians and Gwerin. It can be assumed they are also genetically compatible with the Wyr, Aelfyn, and Dwarrow.


The People of the Green Silences are based on the mysterious people by the same name featured in the Witch World books by Andre Norton. Other aspects about them are drawn from legend, myth, and the Thassa race in Andre Norton’s Moon Singer Trilogy.

Average Lifespan

Unknown: Too little is known about the Thassa.


Most Thassans are tall, slender, and well-muscled. They tend to have dark hair and light eyes. Hair color can be true black or even a very deep brown-red or auburn. Eye colors favor grays, greens, blues, and green-blue-gray hazel. On rare occasions, a person will be born with pale gold or very light green-brown hazel.


Social Hierarchy

The Order: Hy-Brasil and the Thassa are ruled by a coven of witches and warlocks. There are always thirteen members of the ruling circle. There are more than thirteen members of The Order.

Moon Singers: The Moon Singers are an order of witches whose power is at its height when Gwydion’s rings are full.

General Population: The Thassa that do not demonstrate any magical abilities or declined to join the Order or the Moon Singers.


The Thassa belief that everything is imbued with a spirit. For this reason, they are lacto-ovo vegetarians. Some of their number will consume fish if their health has been compromised by overusing their powers.

The women of the Order and the Moon Singers believe that their powers are linked intrinsically with their chastity. Should a woman ever lay with a man (willingly or otherwise), they will lose their powers.

Names: One of their most powerful beliefs is that names have power. Thassans will never share their true names with outsiders. They all assume a new name that is far different from their birth name.


Magical Race or Species?

Yes; more than 90% of Thassans are born with some type of magical abilities.


Lightborn: To date, there is no evidence of Thassan surviving being corrupted by the Shadowborn.

Magical Abilities

Thassan magic is rooted in the elements of Aereth, their individual wills, and ritual. Below are the more common things that most can do. Like all other magic-users, Thassan witches and warlocks must go through many years of training.

Spirit Walking
This is a relatively benign ability although it does have severe consequences if misused. Spirit Walking is similar to astral projection where one’s astral self is freed from the physical body and allowed to roam the world briefly. In one of its higher forms, some mages can exchange their spirit or the spirit of another with the spirit of an animal. The downside is that if one or the other body is killed, the spirits are trapped and insanity is inevitable.

This ability usually involves the calling forth of creatures, beings, or spirits.

Elemental magic is associated with the forces of nature. Some can bend water to their will, some are able to cause plants to mold, and others can conjure fire or create a static-electric current. Elemental mages can cause a great deal of damage or do great good. To conjure any element, some vestiges of it must be present in the environment. A high enough static charge can be conjured into fire or, if there is high enough humidity, water or rain can be conjured.

This is listed under Elemental Magic because it most often requires a natural element as an object of focus. These items can be a bowl of pure water, mirrors, pool of still water, fire, gemstones, crystals, etc.

Some individuals have the ability to heal illnesses and injuries of living beings, including plants and trees. Not everyone can heal everything. Each healer usually has a focus or affinity. Healing will be covered in more detail in the various Race and Species documents.


Thassan witches and warlocks cannot simply blink their eyes or wave a magic wand. Their magical workings takes time, requires preparation, and ritual.

They must have a focus for their powers to work, usually an element of Aereth such as a gemstone, metal, or wood.

Extensive use can exhaust them to the point of death. It is alleged that the Witches and Warlocks of the Order all died several millennia ago when they raised the mountains of Hy-Brasil to protect their valley.

Magical Views

Having the ability to use the Power of Aereth is a gift. Misuse will cause it to rebound on the user. Thassans believe in the Magical Rede and the Threefold Law.




Other Names

Glass Isle

Official Language(s)

Unknown: When the Thassan perform their rituals and spells, it is in an unknown language. While it sounds similar to ancient Gwerin, the dialect is unknown to the Gwerin.

Eldian (Common Tongue): Used any time they are speaking with outsiders.

Geography & Geology

Size & Location

  • Total: 26,410 sq mi
  • Land: 25,881 sq mi
  • Water: 529 sq mi (2%)

Hy-Brasil is an island located in the Rheic Ocean almost exactly halfway between the continent of Vendia and the continent of Eirares in the east.


Temperate and Oceanic: As it is warmed by the warm Lemurian currents from the southern oceans, it has much milder winters (but cooler, wetter summers) than areas on similar latitudes. The west of Hy-Brasil is usually warmer than the east, owing to the influence of southern ocean currents and the colder surface temperatures of the North Rheic Sea.

Hy-Brasil gets its other name, the Glass Isle, because of the almost impenetrable fog that surrounds it almost constantly. Sailors swear they have seen it floating (likely a light inversion phenomena).


Hy-Basil is extremely mountainous and rugged and heavily forested with a central valley.


Very stable, few earthquakes or other issues.

Population Centers

Es City: City-fortress overlooking the valley. It is where the Order has their main headquarters.

Thassans that do not live in Es City dwell in the forests and small villages dotted around the island.



Danger to Outsiders