Theurgy Mystica

The·ur·gy (thûr-j):

The closest Webster’s dictionary definition of theurgy as associated with the Theurgy Guild is: (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) beneficent magic as taught and performed by Egyptian Neoplatonists and others. [from Late Latin theūrgia, from Late Greek theourgia, the practice of magic, from theo- theo- + -urgia, from ergon work]

Country of Origin


There have been Theurgy Mystica Sanctuaries on Aereth for as long as the people have records.


Most large cities and towns have a Theurgy Mystica Sanctuary.


  • Training for magic-users.
  • Libraries and archives of magical documents, texts, and grimoires.
  • Guard, protect, and study arcane hallows and relics.
  • Search for and procure magical hallows, relics, and other artifacts.

Many master mages, adepts, and archadepts remain with the Theurgy Mystica for life. They serve as seekers and teachers.

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